Early this week, Jill Duggar shared a telling post on her Instagram that caused another heated debate among "Counting On" fans. Jill's post is actually a collage of "Peppa Pig" screenshots taken by her three-year-old son Israel. Apparently, Jill and Derick Dillard allow their two young sons to watch "Peppa Pig," the four-time Bafta-winning cartoon and top-selling pre-school character.

"When your three-year-old finds your phone and fills up your photo library with random photos of Peppa Pig, lol," the mother-of-two wrote in the caption.

Jim Bob Duggar's take on TV

While Jill's post reveals that her household is completely normal--just a slice in the life of a young mom with two little boys--this issue is a big deal for many Duggar fans. The "Counting On" family, headed by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, are known to be conservative Christians. From dating to clothing, the Duggars follow a strict set of religious and lifestyle rules.

Back in 2011, Jim Bob even spoke about the evils of TV. According to In Touch, the Duggar patriarch said that having a television set destroyed their family's communication. After praying about it, Jim Bob and Michelle decided to live without TV.

"We are very selective about what we watch. We actually don't watch broadcast TV," Jim Bob reportedly stated.

The big 'Peppa Pig' backlash

For many "Counting On" fans, the shocking thing about Jill's latest IG post was not that they own a TV in their house. It's that Jill and Derick Dillard, who work as missionaries, actually let their toddler watch a non-Christian program.

"Peppa Pig" is about a young female pig who lives with her parents and younger brother George.

While it has earned multiple awards and is watched by millions of kids around the world, the show has earned quite a backlash from concerned parents.

The animated show has been deemed to be violent, rude, and not child-friendly. The main character, Peppa, has been called a "bratty hog" as she's been portrayed to answer back to her parents and bully her younger brother.

As a mom wrote to the Daily Mail, Peppa often stomps her feet, criticize her parents, whines, and pokes out her tongue when she couldn't get what she wants.

Aside from the show, a "Peppa Pig" merchandise has also caused a major scandal in 2015, when a parent complained that her three-year-old's "Peppa Pig" tablet started spewing out bad words.

"You should check what the studies are saying about Peppa Pig. I do not allow her in my Christian household," one fan responded to Jill's post. Other moms also replied to narrate how they noticed changes in their children's behavior since they started getting hooked on the animated series.

So far, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard have not commented on the issue.

Last week, one of Jill Duggar's social media posts also raised concerns over her parenting skills. She was called out for demonstrating her mommy hack of combining a car seat with an umbrella stroller, which was slammed to be very dangerous for children.