Todd Carey is a musical artist who is excited to kick off his “Sail Into Summer Tour.” The tour will feature forty performance dates, and the concerts will actually be performed at fans’ house parties. This unique tour will be documented via social media clips, such as video vlogs, from its start date on May 17th to its end date on September 28th across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scotland.

Todd Carey has toured America before and played with well-known artists such as John Mayer and Fall Out Boy. His music was featured in MTV’s “The Real World” and in a film titled “Palo Alto.” He also wrote “3 am” for Megan Trainor.

Todd’s lyrics and melodies can regularly be heard on Sirius/XM radio, yet this impending tour is his grandest project to date.

Singing, songwriting, and vlogging

Todd’s interest in singing and songwriting was nurtured while he was growing up in a very musically inclined household. Todd gravitated towards pop music at a young age and then got into rock and roll when he was slightly older. He majored in jazz while he studied music in college and, during this time, he started focusing on his songwriting.

“If you write songs and people connect with them emotionally, they make the rounds” he explained in a recent and exclusive interview. “That was how the songs ended up featured on MTV and even in some films.

The vibe of what I was creating jived with what they wanted for their projects.”

Todd’s gift for lyrics led to him being chosen to write for Megan Trainor after her team heard and liked one of his songs--something which he regards as a career highlight--yet it is his impending “Sail Into Summer Tour” that Todd is most excited about...largely because it is such a fun, innovative, and fan-centric concept.

Essentially, over the course of several months, Todd and his band will be performing at the private homes of fans.

“I’ve played at clubs and theaters, but this is a chance to do something exciting and unique,” he stated. “I want to have a chance to meet my fans and interact with them as I play my music in their living rooms and backyards.

I’ll also be vlogging the entire tour and posting the videos to my YouTube channel and official website. It’s always cool and exciting to do something outside the box, and I will be sure to keep a record of it.”

The recording of the tour will please Todd’s immense fan base on social media—the very pool of people who propelled him to stardom and allowed him to book over forty shows across several states. In fact, it took Todd about two months to plan the tour in conjunction with his fans whom he regularly communicates with on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Life on the road, mashups, and more

Todd is very excited to play in fans homes since it promises a more substantial level of engagement but he—and his bandmate drummer Rodney Flood—both readily admit that touring can be taxing.

Luckily, they both thrive off of the experiences they have on the road.

“There are too many negatives associated with life on the road to do it unless you love it,” Todd declared. “I just love to see my music performed, so it’s entirely worth it.”

Rodney Flood readily agreed; “It’s tiring to travel and change from motels to hotels, buses to cars, good food to bad food...staying home is easier, but I love to be there, performing the music live, and keep things going, so it’s definitely worth the effort.”

Todd and Rodney are both particularly anticipating the “mashups” they will be performing as part of every single concert. Essentially, they plan to get the crowd to pick three classic songs for them to play as one single “Franken-song” mashup.

All of these mashups will be recorded and, by the end of the tour, the unique mashup will be decided via social media.

“Normally this kind of stuff falls under the radar, so I’m glad social media will let me share these experiences with my fans,” Todd exclaimed. “I’m planning to do many more literally in-house tours like this in the future, so I hope to garner even more interest as people see the kind of unique brand of entertainment I am offering through these concerts.”