With hardly a few days left before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, last-minute activities are at a pitch. It is confirmed that Meghan’s father Thomas Markle will walk her down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel on the appointed day. According to Kensington Palace, he will be meeting Prince Harry soon, for the first time.

People reports that this will end the controversy relating to extending an invitation to Meghan’s father and will prove that the information about her half-brother was incomplete. A source close to Meghan has explained that there have been ups and downs in their relationship which is not unusual, and the situation is normal.

About Meghan’s parents

Thomas Markle worked as the lighting director on a number of TV shows and was married to Meghan’s mother, yoga instructor Doria Ragland. They parted ways in the 1980s and he is presently staying in Mexico, while Doria lives in Los Angeles. In the opinion of her ex-classmates in the acting school in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle was close to her parents.

Her parents are expected to arrive in time to get to know the family members of Prince Harry and interact with them before the wedding. Meghan’s father has already spoken with Harry over the phone but had not met him in person. However, her mother has met Harry a number of times and was with them at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Toronto last year.

The fairytale romance

Prince Harry was a pilot of Apache helicopters and saw action in Afghanistan. Meghan Markle was an actress and was working in a popular TV drama series “Suits” and, their paths crossed. It was the result of a blind date arranged by a mutual friend which ended with the announcement of their engagement. Their wedding is scheduled for May 19 and it will open up a new chapter in history.

Meghan deserves full credit for the way she has adapted to her surroundings and in her interactions with members of the Royal family. She has also impressed the common people she met on different occasions. They lined the streets to cheer her during her visits to the countryside with Harry.

Both of them have a weakness for the armed forces which is evident from their interest in the Invictus Games.

These were started by Prince Harry and are meant to encourage injured war veterans. Meghan is also interested in such activities. And, most importantly, she has been able to influence Harry to change his lifestyle. He has given up fast foods and smoking and is into yoga. Needless to say - they are made for each other.