Both the TV show "Rick and Morty" and hip-hop star Kanye West have been in the headlines recently for a number of reasons. By now, most people know that West went off on Twitter regarding his admiration for President Donald Trump. In addition, he made controversial comments about slavery. However, Kanye also made positive comments about a show he loves getting the renewal treatment, and the show's co-creator took notice.

Kanye's Twitter exchange

It was recently announced that "Rick and Morty" will get a big renewal to bring Season 4 to fans everywhere.

That brought plenty of excitement on social media, including Twitter, where hip-hop star T-Pain was among those to tweet about it.

Another of those excited fans was fellow hip-hop artist Kanye West. In a tweet Kanye posted about the Adult Swim cartoon he said he is such a fan of the show that he's watched each episode more than a few times over.

West's excitement caught the attention of "Rick & Morty" show co-creator Justin Roiland.

He replied to West's tweet suggesting they needed to hang out sometime soon. The far-from-shy music and media mogul sounds like he's all for it, based on his reply.

It's unknown what sort of role Kanye West would have if the two meet up.

Some websites are suggesting that West will work references from the show into his upcoming album. It has also been suggested that he would appear on an upcoming episode similar to his fellow rap star, Logic.

Hip-hop cartoon collaborations

Logic not only appeared in one of the episodes but also cross-promoted with the show. Justin Roiland handled the vocals as the characters Rick and Morty on the song "Grandpa's Space Ship" which was on Logic's "Bobby Tarantino II" mixtape album.

He also announced the mixtape last month on the "Rick and Morty" show in a two-minute promo video featuring show characters this past March.

It should be noted that another Adult Swim collaboration took place involving underground hip-hop star MF Doom. On his 2005 release, "The Mouse and the Mask," Doom featured Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters on several of the tracks. One track was even named "A.T.H.F." in honor of the popular cartoon.

That could mean that Kanye West will work "Rick and Morty" characters into a future project. It could also mean a new Yeezy based on the cartoon could be in the works in addition to West simply lending himself to a future episode. Based on how creative both he and the show's creators are, it seems only inevitable that something interesting is on the way for both the cartoon and music worlds.