Netflix just dropped a trailer for the next season of “Arrested Development.” The new season and trailer are a drive down memory lane. The trailer is full of callbacks from some of the best moments of the original run of the hit series.

"Arrested Development’s" Tobias is back and is seen with smudges of Blue Man Group style paint. George Michael even brings out his fake muscle suit.

While season four did not go over well with some fans and viewers, Netflix appears to be attempting to draw viewers back in with subtle winks at past episodes from the original run.

Tobias is back working on improving his acting chops. This time he is attempting to portraying Michael. Like normal, Michael is once again threatening to leave the family for good. Also, Buster is back with a new robotic hand. The one person that is missing from the chaos of the Bluth family drama is Lucille 2.

'Arrested Development' new season draws from original series

Season five appears to be getting back into the dysfunctional family antics that made the original three seasons so popular. The new season is also turning the focus towards politics. Lindsey is running for Congress and the Bluth family is attempting to become “Family of the Year.” “Arrested Development” creator Mitchell Hurwitz told Junkee that this season was partially inspired by the rise of Donald Trump.

The new season is set to be released on May 29, less than a month away. Despite sexual harassment allegations, Jeffrey Tambor is back for another season. Jeffrey Tambor told The Hollywood Reporter that despite his firing from “Transparent,” he still was welcomed and had a job with “Arrested Development.” The cast of “Arrested Development” have also spoken out in support of Tambor.

Season 4 'Arrested Development' being re-released

Netflix recently ordered season four in chronological order and also delivered a re-edited version. Hurwitz later told the public that he had to reshuffle the original season four into the standard 22-episode season. The hit show originally ran on Fox from 2003 to 2006 and ended up being canceled because of low ratings.

The streaming giant later revived the show and released the fourth season in 2013.

Time will tell whether this new season will be as good as the original series, but many die-hard fans of the show will love the subtle winks of previous season jokes and funny moments. Season 5 will definitely continue to the beloved Bluth family drama, but how far will it go this time.