Has Damon Wayans ruined his career on 'Lethal Weapon' by outing co-star Clayne Crawford on social media? The stand-up comedian and actor went on Twitter earlier this week showing fans around the world an injury he received during the shooting of the hit show 'Lethal Weapon'. It seemed that Clayne Crawford, who plays Martin Riggs, was bitten by the directing bug. Damon Wayans received a small injury to the back of the head when shrapnel from a set explosive hit the actor in the back of the head. The hit seemed to be the last straw for the actor.

The actor barraged Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with his own verbal shrapnel hoping to hit Clayne Crawford with everything that he had.

Will Damon Wayans be blacklisted as a "Diva"?

While co-stars like Keesha Sharpe were showing love to the cast and celebrating the show's finale for the 2017 season. Damon Wayans went on Twitter making comments about "white people" firing other "white people" then proceeds to close his social media account. Another actor once said "if you don't stand for something then you'll fall for anything" Kudos for Damon Wayans for standing up for what he believes in but has he forgotten that while still working on the show he is a representation of Fox Television. Fans of the show believe that his actions speak louder than words.

Many fans of the Fox show 'Lethal Weapon' make a good point.

When an actor decides to do their own stunts, they have an understanding that there is a possibility that accidents happen. Movie and television actors have reported about injuries they have received on a set time and time again. Could it have been the fact that Damon Wayans was simply looking for an opportunity to use injury and race to remove Clayne Crawford from the set?

In truth, Damon Wayans actions adding to the reasons why Clayne Crawford was fired creates a slippery slope for many actors in the show. Rex Linn, Chase Magnum, and Kristen Gutoski all revolve around the current storyline. Remove one of the main characters of the storyline and it is difficult to instantly create a new storyline for the other characters involved.

When one actor rants on social media about another actor it can create a stigma with other actors and future actors that Damon Wayans might work with. Believe it or not, the actors become family when working on a television show or on a movie set. Why is it that only Mr. Wayans went on social media to complain about his co-star to such an extent.

There were allegations that Clayne Crawford made women on the set cry. Why didn't we see that posted on social media from female cast and crew of the show?

Is 'Lethal Weapon' headed towards cancelation?

Or was it because Clayne Crawford was in the spotlight in regards to the storyline. The truth is that while Murtaugh did get involved in a few incidents within the show, the storyline focuses on Riggs past history. Yes, Trish Murtaugh has been kidnapped by Riggs Dad which involves Detective Murtaugh in the story. What will happen to Nathan Riggs, Molly Hendricks, and the young Riggs? Gone will be the romance and friendship between Martin and Molly. Gone will be the dysfunctional relationship between Martin and Nathan.

There will be no more flashbacks to Martin Riggs childhood as he deals with different parts of his life.

Fans of the 'Lethal Weapon' series are comfortable with the transition of the movie to television. With the addition of Seann William Scott will the show ever be the same. Are fans of the show going to have to learn to love a new character who doesn't even have an inkling of history with the 'Lethal Weapon' series? Could there be a clash of comedic differences? If we have looked at the working history of Seann William Scott, most of his roles have been in films that have an element of comedy. So in 'Lethal Weapon' who is going to be the straight man and who is not when it comes to comedic scenes in the show.

Social Media is bustling with people announcing that they will probably not watch this Fox television creation next season. Perhaps the first episode of season three will be a hit because everyone will be watching to see if Scott and Wayans will work well together. Without a great new storyline from lead Writers Matthew Miller and Kyle Warren, Lethal Weapon is going to experience a lethal death from fans of the show.