The "Little People, Big World" star turned 27 years old on Thursday, May 3, and she had the best day ever.

Tori Roloff let fans in on how she spent her birthday by documenting the entire day on her Instagram account. According to the young mom, she felt "so loved" the whole day because she spent it with the most important people in her life. Tori narrated that she had lunch with her parents, then went on a dinner date with husband Zach Roloff. After their romantic evening, the "LPBW" couple cozied up by the campfire with their baby, Jackson. What a sweet moment.

"Man. Y'all really know how to make a girl feel loved on her birthday! Thank you SO much for the sweet notes and wishes," Tori wrote in her IG post.

Zach gives Tori the sweetest birthday present

In one of Tori's IG Stories posts, the reality star shared a photo of a Tiffany box -- a gift from Zach Roloff. Tori giddily wrote that receiving the little blue box is "every girl's dream." In the succeeding posts, she later shared what was inside the box. Zach actually got her a necklace with two special pendants. One pendant has the letter Z and another one has a J. These letters, of course, stand for Zach and Jackson, the two special boys in Tori's life. She immediately wore the trinket to their dinner date, as seen in the photo below.

"So sweet!" Tori gushed. "Birthday made!"

'Little People, Big World' family sends Tori their greetings

Tori's birthday was made even more special by the entire Roloff family, who sent their thoughtful greetings through social media. "LPBW" matriarch Amy Roloff posted a throwback photo with her daughter-in-law and praised her for being wonderful.

Audrey, Tori's sister-in-law, is currently in Hawaii for a vacation, but she didn't forget to post a meaningful birthday message. Audrey described Tori as a generous soul who "puts everyone else's needs before her own." She added how thankful she is to have Tori as a sister-in-law -- especially now that they are new moms.

Even Jacob, the youngest Roloff sibling who doesn't appear on "Little People, Big World" anymore, remembered to greet Tori.

Jacob posted an adorable picture of him giving baby Jackson a piggyback ride and wished his "fantastic momma" a happy birthday.

After Tori, the Roloff family will be celebrating baby Jackson's first birthday on May 10. His birth was featured on the family's long-running reality show last season. Catch new episodes of "Little People, Big World" every Tuesday at 9 PM on TLC.