The make-up artist deserves credit for the fantastic job done to transform John Travolta into an aged John Gotti who is a mafia don belonging to the Gambino crime family. It is a part of the biopic movie “Gotti” which is set to premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

The New Zealand Herald reports that a preview of the movie shows Travolta, the 64-year-old Oscar-nominated actor, in various moods as Gotti remembers his younger days and his struggle to climb to the top of the ladder. New York was his city and he was one of the street kids who overcame all odds to reach the pinnacle.

The story in brief

The movie “Gotti" has yet to be released and the preview shows the rise and fall of John Gotti, a mobster portrayed by John Travolta. Gotti was into all types of crime and he ends up in prison with a receding hairline. The mafia don realizes that his end is approaching and advises his son to stay away from crime.

During his time, John Gotti had to eliminate a powerful rival to reach the top of the ladder. That man was Paul Castellano, the boss of Gambino, who was executed on December 16, 1985. Gotti filled the vacuum with support from families from different boroughs of New York City. He was also known as The Teflon Don and he loved his celebrity status. The preview reveals the story of his downfall that landed him in police custody.

The cast of the film

Gotti” is directed by "Entourage" alum Kevin Connolly. Others in the cast include John Travolta's real-life wife Kelly Preston as Gotti's wife Victoria. Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu will play the role of Gotti's daughter Angel, while the role of mafia don (and Gotti’s son) is played by Spencer Lofranco.

The film is scheduled to be screened on May 15 at the Cannes Film Festival. Travolta will be present for the occasion and will join peers Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan and Ryan Coogler for a Masterclass talk.

Movies with mafia themes have been runaway hits in the past. “The Godfather” is the best example. However, the success of “Gotti” will depend on how good the script is.

There will be plenty of underworld activities to spice up the offering and John Travolta is an accomplished actor, as are the others. This movie will be like a breath of fresh air for those who have been tied down watching action movies with robots in lead roles -- with enough scope for the actors to showcase their talent in this movie.

Are you looking forward to seeing this film?