J.J. Abrams never seems to have a lack of projects under his belt and this is further shown by the fact that it's been confirmed the Star Wars director and producer is set to produce a new forthcoming superhero film. Whilst there doesn't seem to be any lack of current superhero films making their recent cinema debuts, J.J. Abrams seems to have a vision that he's eager to share with the market. If his track record has anything to say about the potential of the film, we're definitely in for quite the wild ride.

English actor Daniel Casey penned the screenplay

In such a wide and known market, some may wonder exactly how successful a new superhero film is going to turn out, especially when it's not linked to one of the renown franchises that we're all so familiar with. Though it's been revealed that whilst we're not going to know a lot about the film for still quite some time, it's apparently taking a subversive approach to the existing superhero genre. This somewhat leaves the details of the plot up for fan speculation, so it's best to get your guesses in early before further information is revealed.

Whatever the plot may consist of, clearly something has struck a chord with Abrams, who has broken out into the industry with his production of the "Cloverfield" franchise and his continued work on the new "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" films.

The production details are still being kept under wraps

In typical J.J. Abrams fashion, the details regarding the potential production of the upcoming film are still being kept under wraps and no further information is being provided just yet. However, what we do know at this current moment in time is that Abrams is once again teaming up with director Julius Avery - who has previously worked on 2014 film "Son of a Gun" - to carry out talks and negotiations regarding the future production.

The pair have previously worked together to produce the yet-to-be-released film "Overload," which takes on the concept of a supernatural World War 2 scenario. "Overload", which is set to be released in late October this year, follows the story of a group of American soldiers taking on a range of supernatural forces throughout a village that's been taken over by Nazi control.

Whilst Abrams has confirmed that the film is not the continuation of the "Cloverfield" franchise, he has promised that the film is "bat sh*t crazy" to keep fans excited.

Production for "The Heavy" is set to begin later this year, reports an article by IGN.com. Until then, we're just going to have to wait out the details and rest easy knowing that Abrams is unlikely to disappoint with this new project which already has a set of high expectations to live up to.