Since the airing of the last episode of the popular anime TV series “Dragon Ball Super,” fans have been looking for more information on what will happen next. Based on earlier revelations, the upcoming animated movie with the same title as the series will pick up to where the TV series has left off. Toei Animation, the team behind the upcoming movie, appears to release details about the movie in drizzles. Interestingly, the team has come up with “DB Movie: Front Line” on its official website. On its first entry, the Chief of the DB Room appears to have given away the runtime of the much-awaited anime film.

Latest news

Dragon Ball Movie: Front Line” will keep track of the latest news and updates of “Dragon Ball Super.” It will also contain several interviews from staffs and heads of the team behind the upcoming animated. As a debut, DB Room Chief Akio Iyoku was interviewed and was published on the official website. Popular anime content creator and translator named Herms translated the Chief’s interview into English. According to Herms Chief revealed that Akira Toriyama finds it easier to tell a complete a story in two hours compared to doing a story for a long-running TV show.

Many fans speculated that Iyoku might have given away the total runtime of the upcoming film. It is possible that the movie could indeed run for a couple of hours.

It is worth noting that the “Battle of the Gods” runs an hour and 45 minutes. “Resurrection F” lasts for an hour and 34 minutes. This pattern could mean that the much-awaited film could run to more or less a couple of hours. Iyoku’s revelation seems like a figure of speech rather than the literal run time of the movie.

Settings and story

Aside from the runtime, Iyoku also disclosed about the setting and the plot of the movie. He revealed that the story will take place in the past, present, and will have multiple settings. The Chief also revealed Toriyama’s participation in the story. He said that the iconic creator provided 20 sheets containing the story, characters, machines, and at least one new planet.

Earlier, Toriyama revealed that the story will feature the Saiyans that fans have almost forgotten. Aside from that, the legendary creator disclosed that it will also feature the villain Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to hit the theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. There are speculations on a simultaneous global release date but this is yet to be officially confirmed.