Jill Duggar is in hot water for another social media post. On Thursday, the former "Counting On" star shared a new video on her family blog where she is seen giving a life hack for moms like her. In the post, which Jill entitled "Infant Car Seat Trick," she happily tells her viewers how she is able to conveniently lug around a stroller when she travels with her kids.

Jill got it from Michelle Duggar

In the video, Jill Duggar demonstrates how easily she combines a car seat and an umbrella stroller to make an instant, makeshift stroller. According to the 26-year-old mom-of-two, this simple trick is very convenient when she travels with her sons and it's difficult to bring a bulky stroller.

Jill added that she learned this car seat/stroller trick from her mom, Michelle Duggar. There is no denying that the Duggar matriarch is an expert on mommy hacks, having raised 19 kids. However, a lot of "Counting On" fans are slamming this parenting advice from the Duggar matriarch.

'Counting On' fans freak out over Jill's car seat trick

After Jill posted what she thought was a genius mommy hack, many "Counting On" fans commented on her Instagram to warn other moms not to follow this trick.

"How dumb and UNSAFE!" one mom wrote. "Get a snap-and-go or a Citymini--seriously someone call CPS."

"Please take this video down. It's one thing to make unsafe choices for your own children, but to encourage others to do the same is inexcusable," wrote another.

As seen in the video, a car seat is quite heavy to be attached to a lightweight umbrella stroller. When added to the baby's weight, the car seat can topple forward and cause the baby to fall.

In a study conducted by the Academic Pediatrics in 2016, stroller accidents are touted to be one of the most common causes of emergency room trips for children below five-years-old.

The majority of injuries are on the head and face. Falling and tipping over accounted for 67 percent of stroller injuries.

Meanwhile, other fans took Jill's side and even shared that they've done this old school trick with their own toddlers. Jill Duggar was also careful to point out that she only does this car seat trick when she and Derick go to tight places with their kids.

In fact, the couple has posted photos in the past where they are seen carrying heavy-duty strollers.

Watch Jill Duggar's video below and share your thoughts about her "infant car seat trick" in the comments section! Do you think it's a genius mommy hack, or is it totally dangerous?