"Dragon Ball Super" had a really great run for almost three years which included 131 episodes and it came to an end with the announcement of the winning team of Tournament of Power.

After the conclusion of the first half of the "Dragon Ball Super" series, Toei Animation gave us the first look at what they have planned for the future of the series. Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama presented the new design for Goku for the first time, along with a new storyline in continuity with the "Universal Survival Arc."

The first teaser from the movie really created a hype among the fanbase, but some of the fans noticed that the animation style matched with the animation of a short clip from "Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D."

Here's the clip:

If you watch Goku closely, you'll see that his design is similar to that in the teaser for the new movie.

A few days ago, a Twitter user @AnimeAjay also pointed out that character designs matched with that of Ryo Onishi's and Naohiro Shintani's character designs.

You can clearly see the difference in these designs and the ones in "Dragon Ball Super" series. The new designs focus on smoother edges and fewer details while the crispy visual from the series (that recently ended) gave us scenes with too many detailed characters.

Like the scene where Goku brings Frieza to Earth and they have a little "friendly" fight:

And the one where Goku achieves "Mastered Ultra Instinct" form and goes all-out against Jiren:

It is not finalized what the animation in the upcoming movie would really look like because we only had a single teaser from the movie, so once a new trailer is released for the movie, we'll say for sure what the movie will actually look like.

New movie hints dropped way back in 2017

Most of the fans got the first look of the new movie back in March when Toei Animation unveiled the poster with Goku and his power pole, but that wasn't really the first time when the movie was teased.

Back in October 2017, Tatsuya Nagamine (Anime Director of Toei Animation) shared the little animation clip from the movie which we later saw in the first trailer of the movie.

Back then, when this clip was posted without context, it made sense that fans had no idea what this was about, but, after the announcement of the movie, it was clear that the development of the movie had been started way back in 2017.

Currently, the ongoing article based series of "Dragon Ball Movie Frontline" seems to be talking about the past movies of the franchise and soon it might reach the point where we get a better look at the new movie through the cast and crew of the movie The new movie is set to be released on December 14.