In the three years that Donald Trump has been a politician, he's often come under fire due to his controversial remarks about women, including his own daughter Ivanka Trump. Commenting on these issues was radio host Howard Stern who sat down for an interview with former late night host David Letterman.

Stern on Trump

It was back in June 2015 that Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president. In the months that followed, Trump would make comments about women that rubbed many the wrong way, including his feud with former Fox News host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly, where he went as far as calling her a "bimbo" and appearing to mock her menstrual cycle.

In addition, Trump has been accused of various forms of sexual misconduct, while also being exposed for at least one alleged affair. However, Trump has also faced criticism over the controversial remarks he's made about his daughter Ivanka Trump, where he's brought up that they both have "sex" in common.

With the Stormy Daniels scandal still in the headlines, Donald Trump has been forced to hit back against growing allegations of inappropriate behavior with women. As reported by Rolling Stone on May 21, radio host Howard Stern sat down with David Letterman for a new interview show on Netflix where he went into detail about an odd conversation he once had with Trump.

"No matter what I asked him, he would answer in a sincere and thought out way," Stern said of his interviews with Trump.

"I'd say, 'Mr. Trump, tell me who some of the great beauties are,'" Howard Stern said, before adding, "He'd say, first of all, with a straight face, 'the great beauties Howard are not actresses. It's models.

These girls who work in the entertainment industry really are 6s and 7s,'" Stern said of Trump's comments. According to Stern, Trump then replied, "You know who's a great beauty? My daughter Ivanka. Now she's a 10!"

Sterns' Trump history

This isn't the first time that Howard Stern has revealed controversial remarks and stories about the president.

Before Trump became commander in chief, he was a well-known real estate mogul in New York City, where Sterns' show is based, while also serving as the host for the hit reality show "The Apprentice" for nearly a decade. During many of Stern's radio show interviews, Trump would make questionable remarks about women, which went viral during the 2016 election. While once a friend of Trump, the radio shock jock has opened up about his political opposition to the current administration.