American hip-hop star Famous Dex has promised to never buy Kanye West's shoes again. The rapper recently swore about Kanye's latest comments regarding slavery in an Instagram video. Not only did he call the hip-hop producer "dumb" but also mentioned he was "bipolar."

Dex rants on Kanye

Dex starts off his Instagram rant claiming "I will never in my life, never wear no more Kanyes." He goes on to call Kanye "the most stupidest, dumb, lost, f****** bipolar…" and says he hates him. Dex also brings up how Kanye is from Southside Chicago and calls him a "b****" as part of the latest rant.

The post has gone on to generate nearly 10,000 views and a number of comments.

Among those comments are people questioning who Famous Dex even is. Due to Kanye's recent headlines involving Donald Trump, wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and saying slavery was "a choice," it has prompted a lot of people to criticize the outspoken rap star. Dex seems to be among those who are trying to get into the spotlight by calling out West.

T.I. spoke to Kanye

After Kanye West went on a tweet rampage to show his support for President Donald Trump (including him putting on a "Make America Great Again" cap) fellow hip-hop star T.I. decided to reach out to West. TI, real name Clifford Harris, said the rapper invited him to his Los Angeles home where they discussed where Kanye's head was at with the comments.

The two rappers also decided to put together an interesting collaboration based on their discussion. That track is called "Ye Vs. the People" on which Kanye West and T.I. debate the president. One has to see that as a positive way for two people to see each other's point of view, and possibly get others to do so. However, the Trump support and comments don't appear to be what fired Dex up the most.

Kanye's controversy

The biggest controversy with Kanye West lately is over his comments regarding slavery. West was speaking at the TMZ offices this past Tuesday for part of the "TMZ Live" show. During that time he talked about hearing there was "slavery for 400 years" and that it "sounds like a choice." His remarks quickly hit the internet and social media, drawing plenty of responses from Famous Dex and others.

When TMZ caught up with T.I. at LAX he mentioned (regarding Kanye's comments about slavery) that he disagrees, but does not feel West was being "malicious" with what he said. Famous Dex seems to disagree -- so much so that it inspired his Instagram rant.

A Detroit radio station also seems to disagree with West's recent remarks, as Fox News has reported that West is banned from appearing on 105.1's "The Morning Bounce." The hosts (Shay Shay and BiGG) took to Facebook to announce this latest news, along with a "Mute Kanye" hashtag they are hoping goes viral.