It was just two months ago when the news broke that Donald Trump Jr. had separated from his wife Vanessa Trump after she filed for a divorce in New York City. Fast forward to present day and the younger Trump is now being linked to a popular Fox News host.

Trump's new girl

Donald Trump Jr. married Vanessa Haydon back in November 2005 and had five children over the next decade. However, since the start of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, speculation has increased about the status of the relationship, with the younger Trump spending more time on the family business and away from his wife and kids.

Back in March, Vanessa filed for divorce which went uncontested by Donald Jr. In the days that followed, reports broke that revealed that Don Jr. was previously having an affair with singer Aubrey O’Day and that the two were allegedly trying to have a baby.

Page Six reports on May 9 that Donald Trump Jr. has already moved on from his marriage and his now dating a top host on the Fox News Channel. According to multiple sources, Donald Jr. is currently involved with Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News co-host of the popular show "The Five." The paper notes that the two have been seeing each other for the last month, with one source stating that the two are "having a great time" and that Donald Jr.

"enjoys Kimberly’s company." As expected, critics of the Trump family had a lot to say about the president's son and his new girl and did so on social media.

Twitter reacts

Following the news that Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are seeing each other, those who oppose the current administration and Fox News decided to sound off.

"I am shocked he is with an older woman. Trump men usually rob the cradle," one tweet read.

"She's old enough to be his stepmother," a Twitter user wrote.

"What’s next? Ivanka and Sean Hannity? Donald Sr and Sean Hannity. Fox is pretty much Trump land," another tweet added. "Talk about being a target rich environment..he doesn't stray too far from TV land between fox & the apprentice," an additional tweet noted.

"I thought she was having a relationship with the mooch?

Reason his marriage fell apart! How incestuous is this group exactly? Thinking of hicks and her Lewandowski/Porter choices," a social media user wrote. "Oh dear, Aubrey O'Day is gonna be pissed," a follow-up tweet read. The mockery continued to pour in as the opposition to the Trump family moved forward.