After it was announced that North Korea had released three United States citizens who had been jailed in the country, the White House was quick to use the news to praise the president. In response, Donald Trump Jr. made sure to chime in with thoughts of his own, before facing backlash on social media.

Don Jr. on Twitter

It's been well-documented that the relationship between the United States and North Korea has not been positive.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, that relationship has been put to the test, especially as the former host of "The Apprentice" has called out North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in public, labeling him with the nickname "Rocket Man." Despite this, the recent summit between North and South Korea proved to be successful, leading to further negotiations with the Kim regime and the United States. With a meeting between Trump and Kim upcoming, North Korea released three U.S. citizens that have been jailed in the country.

Following the news that American citizens Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul were headed back to the United States along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, critics of the Trump administration were still weary of what took place.

Comedian Tim Young tweeted out "Imagine being released after years in a North Korean prison camp and finding out that Donald Trump is President of the United States." In response, Donald Trump Jr. reacted with hostility on May 9.

"I imagine they are really excited that there someone in office with the guts to fight for them," Donald Trump Jr.

tweeted. "You know... as opposed to the weaklings before him," he added, before aggressively asking, "Why don't we ask them tomorrow after they’ve caught up with their families???"

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump Jr's defense of his father for reportedly helping gain the release of three Americans form North Korea, critics took time to hit back.

"So Kennedy, Roosevelt, Washington all those PAST presidents are WEAK #Trump!??? SERIOUSLY! You have NOT accomplished anything in your own ..who's a WHIMP now!??? Your wife got wise and divorced you!!" one tweet read.

"Excuse me 2 were captured under his watch . How could any one try to even get them out before.

Plus they were captured about a year ago. Why was nothing done then. Why wait till South and North Korea start talking," a Twitter user wrote. "YOUR father DID NOT DISCOVER AMERICA OR ESTABLISHED IT. After 1 yr seriously Trump! DELUSIONAL!" another tweet added.

"I'd run screaming back to the North Koreans and say, 'Take me back,'" a social media user wrote. "Two of them were detained in 2017, one in 2016, a**hole!" a follow-up tweet went on to read.