Baby boomers everywhere remember the late David Cassidy and the "Partridge Family" as one of the first "groovy" shows with "groovy" people to grace TV sets in the 1970s. The teenage girls swooned over him and the teenage boys fashioned themselves after him, David Cassidy was the 70's "It" teen.

That was a long time ago and as Keith Partridge faded away and David Cassidy became David Cassidy again, his life had some dark times. Cassidy's daughter Katie recently shared some very personal things about her late dad during an interview, starting with the fact that she didn't even know the man until she was in fourth grade.

The fact that David and his daughter didn't have a relationship during her early childhood years was not something Katie previously shared. The former teen idol's 31-year-old daughter recently opened up about life with her late dad and the ups and downs that it presented.

Teen heartthrob

Cassidy was also known as Keith Partridge during his teen idol reign and he had a prestigious spot on bedroom walls across the nation on posters that watched over teens as they slept. TV became a destination for preteens, teens, and young adults during that half hour each week that the "Partridge Family" aired.

If you were old enough to watch the "idiot box," as TVs were fondly deemed by parents during that era, you knew the name of David Cassidy.

Cassidy's daughter Katie

Katie is the daughter of Cassidy and model Sherry Williams. It is true that Katie didn't know her dad until she was in the fourth grade, but they did get to a time in their lives where they became really close.

A while before her father died the two were somewhat estranged, but they did manage to patch that up before he died.

It was Cassidy's struggles with alcohol that kept him away for periods of time. He did three separate stints in rehab for his alcoholism and finally admitted to being an alcoholic back in 2014.

Dies at 67

Cassidy was 67 when he died of organ failure last November.

During Katie's life with her dad, she said there was one point when he became her close friend as well as her dad. She describes her dad as being a "wonderful, wonderful person" who "struggled with some demons," according to Fox News.

Back in February of 2017, David Cassidy admitted that while being Katie's biological father, he wasn't really a father to her. He didn't raise her and he wasn't there for her when she was a kid. He said in a People Magazine interview that his daughter "had a completely different life" from his.