Hip-hop artist Casanova recently told the story of how he helped to save fellow musician A$AP Rocky in prison. Basically, Rocky was imprisoned when he was young, but an elder Casanova was a major help in terms of keeping him safe. There's also little doubt about whether he was making that up or not, as A$AP Rocky confirmed it during a previous recounting of the tale.

Casanova's story

Casanova got caught up in early gang life which eventually saw him spend seven years behind bars. That time in prison included violent fights and solitary confinement.

It also included meeting a few great connections, including Taxstone and a young A$AP Rocky. Casanova eventually got out of prison just a few years ago. That's given him plenty of stories to talk about.

DJ Vlad of "Vlad TV" recently published a flashback interview video from 2017 featuring Casanova. Now in his early 30s, the hip-hop star brought up how he and A$AP Rocky linked up while in prison and he was able to help the kid out.

In the flashback video, fans are able to listen as Casanova talks about various hip-hop stars who might be part of a remix for one of his songs, including A$AP Rocky. He brought up a FaceTime session in which the fellow hip-hop star reminisced with him about how they met back in prison.

Casanova mentioned that it took him a moment or so to realize that the kid back in the day who he helped out was A$AP Rocky.

A$AP Rocky's early Rikers bid

The hip-hop star was sent to Rikers Island for two weeks back when he was just 16 years old. That up north trip occurred after a brawl that he was arrested for, but being in the infamous prison for just two weeks nearly cost Rocky his life.

The rapper said he wanted a second chance at life outside of prison and another hip-hop star helped him get there.

A$AP Rocky said that while in prison he ended up being cellmates with Casanova who was 18 years old at the time. He quickly learned that Casanova, who was in there for a third time, was able to help him deal with aspects of life while being locked up.

Among those things were being able to deal with prison politics and "jail bullies." Casanova gave Rocky all sorts of tips, though, and eventually said he helped him because he felt that Rocky was "the least of a threat" to him at the time.

The rest is history as both rappers are now out and able to keep making the music they love. Casanova signed with Warehouse/Roc Nation in 2016 and has worked or toured with 50 Cent, French Montana, Chris Brown, and Fabulous, among other artists. Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky has had huge success with his music career, including two RIAA platinum-certified albums. It wouldn't be surprising to see him work with Casanova on a record or two at some point, as a show of respect to the guy that helped him survive prison earlier in life.