Blac Chyna is making headlines again after it was revealed she is expecting a baby with her new 18-year-old boyfriend. Both Rob Kardashian and Tyga are not happy with the news as their distrust of Chyna grows, according to Life & Style.

It seems the mom of two met her teenaged boyfriend through an online Christian dating site. The teen boyfriend calls himself YBN Almighty Jay and he is said to be attempting a career in rapping.

Blac Chyna moved quickly

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna welcomed their daughter Dream just 18 months ago and Tyga is the father of Chyna's son King, who is five years old.

According to Life & Style, neither Tyga or Rob "have much trust" in anything Chyna has to say.

One of the main concerns coming from the dads of Chyna's two children is what this will be like for their own kids. Blac Chyna hardly knows this teenage rapper and now she is having his baby, which means he'll be spending a lot of time with their children as well.

He's a teenager

Not knowing much about this guy and especially because he is so young, the two previous love interests of Blac Chyna are concerned for their own children. According to Life & Style, Blac Chyna is 3-months along in her pregnancy.

In a recent interview, the Almighty Jay disclosed that he doesn't use protection with Chyna and he wouldn't mind at all if she were to get pregnant with his child.

While Life & Style reports that the pregnancy was confirmed by Page Six, Blac Chyna herself has not.

Rob Kardashian couldn't believe that she would get pregnant such a short time after the two of them parted ways. He also couldn't believe that she would accept a teenager as the father of her unborn child. He reached out to Tyga to see what he might know about the rumors online.

Tyga and Rob

Tyga doesn't know much more than Rob and while Tyga wouldn't be happy if Blac Chyna was indeed pregnant after such a quick romance, he wouldn't be surprised. Rob doesn't want to believe that this is the case.

According to Life and Style, neither of her exes have trust in what Chyna is telling them so they just have to wait and see how this unfolds.

According to the Celebrity Insider, Blac Chyna has been spotted out and about sporting a baby bump.

A 'boy toy'

Many of the media sites reporting this news today are calling Almighty Jay a "boy toy" for Blac Chyna. She will be 30 years old this month, on May 11, so it appears this does fall under the old adage of a May-December romance.

Rob Kardashian is 31 years old and Tyga is 28. Chyna's latest love interest is more than a decade younger than Tyga and Rob.

18 is young

No matter who you are, 18 is still a bit young to take on the responsibility of being a parent, and there's not just one child to think about in this case. If Blac Chyna is indeed having another baby, this teenager will be a dad to one baby and play a step-dad-like role to her other two kids. This is the worry for both Rob and Tyga today.