The Office has become a cult-classic television show. Everyone has at least seen one episode of the mockumentary comedy. Thanks to Netflix fans and newcomers can watch the show over and over and over again. the office is so great because the jokes don’t get old and the storylines can still be enjoyed everytime you watch. However, there are times when we want something fresh and new. If you are a Netflix subscriber, there are five shows that are very similar to “The Office.”

‘5. Arrested Development’

If you loved the melting pot of characters on “The Office,” including Jim, Pam, Oscar, Toby, and Michael, then you probably will enjoy "Arrested Development." Just like the hit show, AD is a show full of gags, antics and running jokes.

You are also given tons of awkward moments. What makes "Arrested Development," special is its focus on the personalities in the show and how they intersect with each other through each episode.

4. ‘New Girl’

“New Girl” has almost everything you love about “The Office,” except for the documentary crew and the talking heads. It’s probably the best show that fans can turn to when they finish up “The Office.” “New Girl,” centers around a girl Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who is a clueless and naïve teacher who moves in with a group of guys. The show was just renewed for its final season but you can catch up on previous seasons thanks to Netflix.

3. ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

If you loved Erin on “The Office,” then you will love Kimmy Schmidt.

The lead character Kimmy Schmidt is played by the same actress and has very similarities with Erin. She’s a ditz at times and is very naive. All the characters on the show are flawed, but you still learn to love them and get attached to them.

2. ‘The Mindy Project’

The show almost appears to be created just to have an Office cast reunion on a separate show.

“The Mindy Project,” stars “The Office” alum Mindy Kaling and features a handful of cameos from the Office including Paul Lieberstein, Ed Helms, BJ Novak , Ellie Kemper, Anna Camp, Kelen Coleman and even Beth Grant.

1. ‘Parks & Rec’

The closest show in comparison to The Office is “Parks and Recreation.” The show is a mockumentary and was also created by Greg Daniels, the visionary behind “The Office.” It has all the staples of The Office the camera style, the confession segments, and was rumored to originally be a part of "The Office" universe but Daniels shot that idea down. However, it has a stronger emphasis on friendship.