“The young and the restless” spoilers tease that the week of April 9 will bring extreme drama that viewers will not want to miss. Thad Luckinbill's JT Hellstrom has spun out of control, as he's tried to kill Victor Newman and his renewed romance with Victoria Newman has turned abusive. Spoilers have been hinting that JT would be dead before this storyline wrapped and it's looking like that is indeed the case. Luckinbill opened up about his return and “Young and Restless” fans will not want to miss what he had to say.

The 'Y&R' actor embraced this dark opportunity

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared the scoop from Thad Luckinbill's chat with Soap Opera Digest. There had been some talk that the actor didn't fully know what his return storyline entailed and that he was unhappy with JT's dark turn. However, it sounds as if Thad was fully informed of what the writers had in mind and felt that he needed to be the one to see the character's story to its end.

Luckinbill says that it seems that “Young and Restless” was going to go down this road with JT and Victoria no matter who returned to the role of Hellstrom.

Thad is understandably protective of the character since he's the only one who has ever played JT. He notes that the storyline was a cool one, though it's quite heavy, and he decided to embrace the opportunity. Thad adds that he's had a lot of support from the cast and crew, including ex-wife Amelia Heinle (Victoria).

Luckinbill and Heinle discussed the storyline before his return

The storyline portraying JT's abusive treatment of Victoria is indeed quite dark, but Luckinbill says its been fun to play. Thad talked with Amelia extensively before agreeing to his “Young and Restless” return and viewers have loved seeing them together on-screen again.

Many would have loved to see JT return for a longer, more positive arc, but Luckinbill has been keeping quite busy with other projects and it looks like this abuse storyline will set the stage for big events in the coming weeks.

She Knows Soaps shares some “Young and Restless” spoilers about what's on the way. During Monday's show, Victoria and JT will announce their engagement, but on Thursday's episode, she will reveal the truth about her difficult relationship with her fiance. Friday brings a shocking admission of some sort from JT, and the preview for the week shows that things are going to be intense.

'Y&R' teasers hint at JT's demise

As this all plays out, “Young and Restless” spoilers from the preview show that Victoria will angrily call things off with JT, but he doesn't take the news well.

Hellstrom will have Newman feeling desperate and cornered as his anger escalates and it looks like Sharon and Phyllis will walk in just as things come to a head.

Does Victoria kill JT in self-defense as the preview hints? There is another scene showing Victoria, Phyllis, Nikki, and Sharon standing over what seems to be a grave with Victoria shoveling dirt into the hole, insinuating that the four women work together to protect Newman and cover up Hellstrom's death.

Things may not be quite this simple and obvious as it all plays out, however. Some wonder if some of this will be part of a dream that Victoria or someone has, for example, and “Young and Restless” has gone that type of route in previews before. “The Young and Restless” spoilers promise that this will be a buzzworthy week of episodes, though, that viewers will not want to miss.