Walking Dead” spoilers have come out thanks to CinemaCon in Las Vegas, giving fans of the show some good news about Season 9. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, actress Lauren Cohan is returning for Season 9. This is big news, as there was a lot up in the air after the season finale of Season 8 aired on AMC.

At issue, was whether Lauren Cohan would have time to do both this show and one she has in the wings with ABC. There were also questions about whether she even wanted to return for “The Walking Dead” Season 9. All of those questions have been answered, giving the writers several possible storylines to work with next year.

Maggie Greene Is back

Lauren Cohan wanted a better contract from show producers, holding out for better terms. She has a lot of power in the negotiations as well, especially with how the dramatic Season 8 came to a close. In the season finale, Rick made the decision to save Negan, a choice that Maggie was upset with. Negan had killed her husband, Glenn, and she was understandably ticked off that Rick did everything he could to save him.

Details about Cohan’s new contract weren’t revealed, but rumors state that she has received a nice bump in pay. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) already had new contracts in place for Season 9. These “Walking Dead” spoilers mean that the writers won’t have to make Maggie’s character simply disappear when they write up the newest episodes.

‘Whiskey Cavalier’ is Cohan’s new show

ABC has a pilot for a show that will center on a partnership between a CIA operative and an FBI agent. Cohan would play the CIA operative named Francesca Trowbridge (codename Fiery Tribune), and Scotty Foley would play FBI agent Will Chase (codename Whiskey Cavalier). Foley was most recently seen as one of the main characters on “Scandal,” so this will be his first vehicle since then.

This could be an interesting show, but it will have to prove itself through a strong pilot.

If “Whiskey Cavalier” ends up getting a full-season pickup, it will certainly create more “Walking Dead” spoilers. Lauren Cohan would be forced to choose between the shows at that point, with the likely result being that she walks away from the AMC program (no pun intended).

For now, fans will have to just wait for Season 9 to roll around, but the wait will be a while, as Season 8 just came to a close. There aren't any hints from the network about where the show will be heading next, even though a lot of "TWD" rumors are online.