"The Walking Dead" Season 8's penultimate episode titled: "Worth" was heavily focused on the events at the "Sanctuary" where Negan, stronger and more cunning than ever, assumed his role as the unquestionable leader of the "Saviors." He stopped the coup, removed all the threats, and he now has the upper hand in the upcoming battle against Rick's group. I guess he isn't just a talker after all, but the strongest, and also the smartest "Savior."

The episode was pretty intense, but also quite straightforward with not so many tiny details hiding in plain sight (unlike the previous installments.) There was one detail, however, that might give us an answer to one of "The Walking Dead's" big mysteries.

So, without further ado, let's get right to it.

An unexpected reveal

No matter how satisfying Simon's death really was, I kind of feel sorry for the guy, especially after seeing him tied to a fence as angry and the coolest looking walker ever. It probably has to do with Steven Ogg's captivating performance as one of the greatest villains of the series. But still, there is no doubt that Simon was the embodiment of all evil in the zombie apocalypse. We all know how he wiped out all of the "trash people," but it was in this episode that we learned that Simon was also responsible for something from the past that was equally brutal.

Before Negan forced Simon to his knees, he went on to tell an interesting story about he took over the "Sanctuary" and Simon's role in it.

"When you helped me take this place, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep you on board," Negan told Simon before continuing: "Maybe before me, before there was a system in place, what you did, killing all those men, those boys, in that settlement so long ago..."

What does this mean?

Negan was clearly talking about the "Oceanside" community, confirming what fans have been suspecting for a long time, that it was really Simon who mass murdered all men and boys in what is now the all-female community at the "Oceanside."

If you are still having doubts about this, check out this scene from "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 6 where Tara learns about the "Oceanside's" past with the "Saviors."

As you can see, one of the members of the "Oceanside" community clearly says that he lined them up and shot every man and boy over 10 in the head.

At that point, many fans thought that it was Negan's doing as lining up is kind of his thing. It wasn't until the recent episode that we finally got a confirmation that it was really Simon who wiped them out, just like he did with the "Scavengers."