In the previous article, we talked about Jadis and the possibility of her joining the "Whisperers" and maybe even becoming their leader, Alpha. However, as it turned out, the leader of the "Heapsters" wasn't the only mystery of "The Walking Dead's" latest installment "The Lost and the Plunderers." We also got the Dark Blue paint and its potential hidden meaning.

Given the fact that "The Walking Dead" is no stranger to symbolism, it stands to reason that there is more to the dark blue paint than meets the eye. So bear with us, as we try to decipher its hidden meaning.

Be careful, though, because spoilers will follow.

The symbolism of the dark blue color

The dark blue paint, in this episode, was really hard to miss as it came up several times, sometimes subtly, and sometimes not so subtly. It was on the painting, on the floor, and on Simon's boot, just to name a few places. And we also saw the blue paint in the last episode with Carl and Judith. Carl, as we all know, ended up dead. So we have to wonder, does the dark blue paint actually symbolize someone's death?

As it turns out, the dark blue color represents trust, dignity, intelligence, and more importantly authority. Now, let's put this symbolism into some context, shall we?

Simon's disobedience

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Negan giving orders to his second in command, Simon.

However, their interaction was conflicting as Simon wanted to wipe out all the "Heapsters." Negan, on the other hand, wanted him just to kill one and set an example. Perhaps Negan isn't so bad after all?

What happened later was, without a doubt, the highlight of the episode. Simon disobeyed Negan's orders for the first time and ended up killing all the "Heapsters" except for Jadis.

And when Simon got back to the Sanctuary he bold-face lied to Negan by saying how everything was taken care of, just like Negan wanted.

The blue paint on Simon's boot — a shift in authority?

There is no doubt that they wanted us to notice the dark blue paint on Simon's boot. And if that color represents authority, does that mean that Simon will assume the role as the leader of the "Saviors?" Or will he die, just like Carl did, soon after he played with the same blue paint?

Well, according to YouTube user, PT channel, it will be both. First, there will be the shift in authority from Negan to Simon. After all, it's no secret that they are setting up Negan's redemption arc.

As we all know, the only reason Carl died was to keep rick from wanting to kill Negan. Given that fact, it's only logical that they will try to present Negan in some way that will allow Rick to (spoiler warning) spare his life at the end of the "All Out War." And what better way to do just that than to present Simon as the main villain and Negan as more of a complex character?

Simon's death foreshadowed?

The dark blue paint on Simon's boot will definitely lead to his death. But how? One theory is that Negan will eventually find out what happened with the "Heapsters" and then decide to "Lucille" Simon.

As logical as it may sound, I think that it is far more likely for Simon to be killed by Jadis. After all, he put her through hell as she watched her entire community being slaughtered. That's why I think Simon is Jadis' to kill. But before his ultimate death, Simon will be in an open rebellion against Negan, who will probably figure out what happened at the dump. And thanks to the dark blue paint on Simon's boot, so will Rick.

After all, the whole point is to have Rick realize that Simon is a true villain, which will allow him to spare Negan's life at the end of the season. And according to another theory, women of the oceanside might also reveal that it was Simon who killed all men from their community.

What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments. But first, check out PT Channel's video down below.