"Dragon Ball Super" ended almost a month ago with the epic clash between Universe 7's last three warriors versus the ruthless fighter and the pride of Universe 11, Jiren the Gray. Currently, the series is said to be on a break and will make its return sometime in the next year.

Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, and rest of the cast worked their socks off to make "Dragon Ball" go down in history as an anime that entertained generations of fans. Speaking of which, I'll be throwing back to some of the most exciting moments that the show had to offer from the first episode till last one of the "Dragon Ball Super."

Spoilers alert: This post is filled with major spoilers, so proceed with caution if you haven't watched all 131 episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" yet.

1. Bulma Slaps Beerus

In "Battle of Gods" arc when Beerus arrives on Earth, Bulma slaps him when he ruins her birthday party. This was the scene that gave us the "WHAT DID U DO TO MY BULMA!!" moment.

2. Frieza destroys Earth

After Goku and Vegeta beat Frieza after his resurrection, he manages to play his trump card right at the end before Vegeta could finish him with his attack. Frieza destroys the whole planet along with everyone living on it, but thanks to Whis' time travel ability, Goku saves the day.

3. Future Trunks slices Zamasu

Trunks' timeline has been decimated by different evils, time and time again. When Zamasu from his timeline and the one from the main timeline merge together, they form one of the most ferocious fiends that he had ever faced.

They push Trunks to the point where he gathers energy, forms an energized sword, and cuts the immortal being in half like he did Frieza.

4. Goku's Death

Hit, the infamous assassin of Universe 6 who kills his target with a single strike, is tasked with killing Goku. Not only does he succeeds in outdoing Goku, he almost kills Goku with a single strike.

But Goku revives himself with the energy blast that he had shot in the air right before Hit strikes him.

5. Blind Gohan versus Lavender

When Lavender uses one of his secret techniques to poison Gohan that eventually leads to blindness, Gohan responds by powering up to Super Saiyan and bouncing his own ki off of Lavender's body.

Pretty badass move that impresses the Omni-King as well.

6. Goku achieves ultra instinct form

One of the most anticipated and hyped transformations of Goku was "Miggate No Gokui," commonly known as the Ultra Instinct form. When Goku's Spirit Bomb is overpowered by Jiren, it condenses into a small black hole and absorbs Goku, causing him to vanish from the arena. Just when the Zenos prepare to eliminate him, a wild flow of energy shakes the whole stage and Goku reappears with white aura radiating from his body, eyes turned gray, and a new transformation that amazes the Gods of Destruction as well.

Honorable Mentions

Before we continue to the last best moment, here are some bits from "Dragon Ball Super" that are worth mentioning:

Slim Buu

Ripped Buu was a real shocker, although, it was really bad that we did not see him in action in Tournament of Power.

Kale and Caulifla Fusion

Android 17's Sacrifice

Android 17 was not only the last fighter to survive the tournament, he also risked his life just so Universe 7 could win.

7. Goku and Frieza versus Jiren

"Dragon Ball Super" saved the best part for the last episode of the Universal Survival arc. No one would've thought that Goku and Frieza would be teaming up to save their Universe. It was truly amazing to see how both of them sync their attacks against Jiren and push him off the arena.

The series is on a break for now, but it will return after the "Dragon Ball Super" movie that is coming out on December 14.