News broke on Monday that Fox News host Sean Hannity has been a client of Michael Cohen, the controversial personal lawyer for Donald Trump. While Hannity has denied any wrongdoing, comedian and late night host Stephen Colbert decided to have a little fun with situation.

Colbert on Cohen

Michael Cohen has been in the headlines since the Wall Street Journal broke the news earlier this year that he had paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

The White House was quick to dismiss the story, with Trump uncharacteristically keeping his opinions to a minimum. For Cohen, he's had his legal team speak out in his defense on more than one occasion, though it didn't prevent the FBI from raiding his offices earlier this month. On Monday in a court in NYC, a judge ordered Cohen to reveal his list of unnamed clients, with one being named as Fox News host Sean Hannity. In his defense, Hannity released a statement and a series of tweets, though his remarks didn't go over well with critics.

As seen during the April 16 edition of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert decided to mock the Fox News host.

"On going troubles for the man who paid off Stormy Daniels, New York Attorney and sad neck with hair, Michael Cohen," Colbert said. "Cohen, who is Trump's lawyer, was in court today with his lawyer. Pro tip for the president. When your lawyer needs a lawyer, you need a lawyer," he stated to the laughter of the studio audience.

"We already knew that Michael Cohen represented Donald Trump and paid hush money to cover up his affairs, and last week it was revealed his second client was Deputy RNC Finance Chair and Donald Trump flattened out by rolling pin, Elliott Broidy," Stephen Colbert pointed out, who then explained that Cohen helped Broidy pay over a million dollars in hush money to cover up his own affair.

Colbert on Hannity

"It was revealed that Cohen had one more undisclosed client, but today in court a judge ordered him to reveal the name. It was..." Stephen Colbert said, before playing a clip of CNN announcing the name to be Sean Hannity. Colbert was then shown celebrating by drinking a glass a wine, while adding, "John Stewart, after the show I"m coming over and we're just gonna spoon." Later in the show, Colbert cut to an edited video montage of Hannity speaking about his time as a client of Cohen. Colbert has been a longtime critic of Hannity and his mockery of the Fox News host doesn't look to be ending at anytime in the near future.