In the most recent round of polling data, Donald Trump's approval rating is hovering around 40 percent, a number that has been consistently low for the better part of his presidency. That low poll number also reflects on other members of his administration and family, including his son Don Jr.

Don Jr. on Twitter

When Donald Trump launched his campaign for president nearly three years ago, he quickly found himself in the headlines on a daily basis due to his controversial remarks, questionable policy proposals, and reckless behavior on social media.

Trump quickly presented himself as a political alternative that people either loved and hated, which has spread to members of his family. While daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner work in the administration, son Donald Trump Jr. helps run the family business, but is often active on social media in terms of politics.

Donald Trump Jr. defends his father and faces criticism from the political left, but in a tweet and Instagram post on April 19, the president's son shared an alleged message from a man who claimed he once hated him, but has since changed his mind and has become a fan.

"I just thought this was a pretty cool DM to receive and wanted to share. As many of you know I do try to answer/respond to some of my followers (both good and bad) but this one was fairly unique," Don Jr. tweeted out.

Donald Trump Jr. then posted a screen shot of the message in question, that reads in part "I followed you because I wanted to hate you but I have become a huge fan of you as a father first and a citizen just as much." The message continued, with the man referring to the younger Trump as an "inspiration."

Twitter revolts

Following the fan mail posted by Donald Trump Jr., those who oppose the Trump family took time to respond.

"That was nice of Eric," one tweet read with sarcasm hinting that the message was sent by his brother Eric Trump.

"Another one from Julian Assange?" a Twitter user wrote with mockery.

"It did not mention how great of a husband you are....was it redacted?" a tweet added in reference to the recent allegations that the younger Trump's marriage ended due to infidelity. "Yea, I wouldn't take that as affirmation that you're a great guy, Skippy. You're still firmly in the douchebag lane," an additional tweet noted.

"You sure you didn’t make that post up?" a social media user wondered. "A great father wouldn't cheat on his pregnant wife leaving his kids without a mother at home," a follow-up tweet read.