Actors across the world play an important role in the society; they are considered as a model to follow and are able to influence children and adults who watch their movies and his way of life. However, many actors are not aware of the impact that they can have and sometimes can polarize public opinion about sensitive issues. One clear example of the previous is the Bollywood star, salman khan who has been involved in several cases with the justice, generating controversy in India.

Today a lot of viewers were following the judgment of this Indian actor that is seen as one of the most famous and beloved in their country.

The Bollywood star was accused of a crime that happened twenty years ago while he was shooting a movie. In this article, you will find a summary of the judgment and the point of view of some people about the actions done by the actor.

The incident

In 1998, during the shooting of the film “Hum Saath Saath Hain.”, Salam Khan along with other actors attacked a group of antelopes called blackbucks in a natural reserve, ignoring the wildlife laws of India. The issue finished with the death of two of these animals that are also considered sacred by a native community of the area of Jodhpur. Some members of the community assured that they saw the actors leaving the place after the murdering of the animals and now they are claiming for justice.

Court ruling

After twenty years of the incident, the court in Rajasthan State find the Bollywood star guilty of the crime of poaching and sentenced him to five years in prison and pay a small fine. The lawyers of the actor disagree with the decision taken by the court and assured that they going to appeal and apply for a bail.

Supporters opinion

Thousands of fans that follow Salam Khan in social media have been showing their support to the star. They are arguing that the decision took by the court is too harsh and pleaded for the grant of a bail to the actor, arguing that his humanitarian service in the Indian community has to be taken in account.

Activists opinion

Regardless the community service and charity work developed by the actor, some people have opined that this kind of acts cannot be tolerated because it could send a message of impunity to society. The protection of the wildlife is a duty of every human being and nobody is over it, even a super Bollywood star as Salman Khan has to be punished for behaviors that put biodiversity and the environment at risk.