If you have been following the Brown family on not only their TLC Reality Television Series “Sister Wives” but also on social media as well, you may be wondering how the family is doing. Well, according to recent speculation online, Kody Brown and one of his wives Robyn Brown could be splitting soon. Now, the reason why these rumors of Robyn leaving Kody started in the first place was because Robyn’s alleged close friend Kendra Pollard began to speak about their relationship publicly. Pollard even went as far as going to Life & Style magazine to talk about Robyn leaving Kody, but Robyn decided that enough was enough and she has now spoken out about her relationship status with her husband.

What did Robyn Brown say about her husband, Kody Brown?

Robyn Brown recently had to speak out online about all of these rumors that her apparent close friend Kendra Pollard had been saying about her and Kody’s relationship. For example, Pollard told Life & Style that “Robyn has been planning to divorce him for a long time.” Pollard then continued her statement with: “She’s saved up enough money to retain a lawyer.” However, Robyn decided to speak out online about these claims by saying: “No. The statements in those articles are fabricated, and I am not in contact with the person who supposedly told them their info.” (according to a Twitter post). From Robyn’s statement online it is clear to say that her relationship with Kody seems to be intact.

For instance, there was a recent report by In Touch that said Robyn was the only Brown wife that was sticking by him, as a source from their report said: “His only real connection seems to be with [legal wife] Robyn now.” As you can tell from reading all of this, Robyn doesn’t seem to be planning on leaving Kody anytime soon, and these rumors seem to be false.

What is everyone else in the Brown family up to at the moment?

In case you have been wondering, the Brown family have been very busy recently, as their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives” has just been renewed for a brand new season. This new season is rumored to be dealing with the relationship issues between Kody and Meri.

Meri has not had it easy over the past few months as she was just recently catfished online and it has taken a toll on her emotionally.

Nonetheless, to keep up with the Brown family be sure to follow them on social media, and be sure to follow their television series “Sister Wives” as well so you don’t miss anything at all.