Aca-scuse me? One of the most popular lesbian celebrity couples have called it quits months ago. Ruby Rose revealed her breakup with her ex-girlfriend The Veronicas singer Jessica Origliasso over the Easter weekend. The 32-year old DJ and "Pitch Perfect 3" actress took to Instagram on Easter Sunday evening to share the devastating news that they had already broken up "a few months ago." According to her Instagram story, they were together for the past two years and that Rose is still a firm believer in the "amazing human being" that Origliasso is.

The singer and "Orange is the New Black" actress mused that "Breakups are incredibly hard on the people involved," but she remains "grateful for the experiences" that the couple shared throughout the the two years that they were together.

April Fools' prank?

Some fans of both "Pitch Perfect 3" actress Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso pointed out on social media that it may have been a prank to announce a breakup on April 1st, but the actress was quick to hit back on those commenters. She followed up the announcement on Twitter, writing,"I understand it’s 'April 1st' but I would never use something so personal as an April fools joke." According to the Sydney Morning Herald, traces of their breakup already broke out in December, when Origliasso unfollowed Rose on Instagram, as Rose deleted photos that showed them together.

Trouble-riddled relationship

It seemed that "Pitch Perfect 3" actress Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso have quite the love story. According to Cosmopolitan, the pair first dated in 2009 and have been good friends since.

When Rose broke up with her fiance Phoebe Dahl in 2015, she got back with Origliasso. But the relationship was littered with trouble. When the pair got back together after shooting The Veronicas' video "On Your Side," the two fell back in love. At the time, Rose admitted, "The hardest thing is to go through a public break-up."

Couples therapy

Celebrities are just like us.

"Pitch Perfect 3" actress Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso had their fair share of couples therapy while they were together. Daily Mail reported back in December 2017 that Rose told The Kyle and Jackie O, "Every relationship has ups and downs, and great moments, but that's what I love about it. I swear by it with every relationship ever—and that's therapy." Unfortunately, it seems that therapy couldn't save these two lovebirds, who have chosen to go their own ways.