Schenee Murry was one of the most polarizing people to be featured on TLC's "My 600-Lb Life." She sought the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan while weighing over 700 pounds, revealing that she had been battling her weight since she was a child. To make matters even more heartbreaking for Schenee, she had suffered two miscarriages and was looking to lose weight both to save her marriage and so she could expand her family.

Childhood trauma leads to overeating

Murry's story is a sad one. She revealed to viewers that she was a normal-sized kid until she turned 5-years old.

At that point, Schenee was molested by a family member. After her mother took her to a doctor and confirmed the abuse. Schenee says she took comfort in eating and started to gain weight.

At age 7, Schenee weighed 130 pounds and that was just the beginning. As she got older, she continued to gain and kids picked on Schenee for being overweight. That made her self-esteem problems even worse, causing her to eat more and gain more weight.

At 27-years old, Schenee Murry and her husband packed up and headed for Houston, Texas. The plan was to appear on "My 600-Lb life" and get help in losing weight from Dr. Now.

Schenee's appearance on the show was frustrating for viewers. During her time, she failed to lose weight and refused to follow Dr.

Now's instructions. Even though TLC and Dr. Now wanted to help Schenee lose weight, she ultimately started skipping appointments and gained more weight.

In an effort to get her weight under control, Dr. Now put Schenee on a very restrictive 1200-calorie per day diet. They continued to butt heads for eight months. Finally, Schenee seemingly quit on Dr.

Now, blocking his phone number so that the "My 600-Lb Life" doctor could no longer make contact.

A GoFundMe

Now, Schenee Murry is reaching out for help again and she's certainly not getting the reaction that she wanted. The "My 600-LB Life" star shared a GoFundMe page and she's asking for $50,000 in donations. The GoFundMe was created on April 9 and in the first hour it was up, there were no donations made despite it being shared hundreds of times.

Instead, angry viewers who saw her story are commenting on the charity page, refusing to give money to Schenee.

The fundraiser says that it was set up by Schenee herself. In a short blurb she wrote, "Im raising this money for a great cause i was dragged to Houston Texas to get humiliated on national tv an i have been struggling every since for everything i have a lot of hopes an dreams an one is to get better i don't only have weight problems i have other health problems that's just over looked so im team schenee with a great husband God has blessed us this far."

"I will not donate any of my hard earned money.

After watching your episode you and your husband have lost y'all minds. You didn't even want to do the right thing," one response read.

Another wrote, "This is ridiculous, and so are you..."

It doesn't look like Schenee Murry and her husband Freddie are going to get the donations they want from their fundraiser. It's too bad she didn't stick around and let Dr. Now help her out.