Spoilers from "The Walking Dead" Season 8, episode 15, "Worth," follow below.

Throughout season 8 of “The Walking Dead,” we’ve watched Dwight play double agent between Rick and Negan. Dwight, who lost his wife and half his face to Negan, has proved himself a “good guy” character to the audience, by slipping plans to Daryl, shooting Tara in the shoulder with an uninfected arrow, and turning on his own team during an attack on the Alexandrians. Dwight’s rising status in the show makes last night’s episode even more heartbreaking, as it seems his arc may be coming to its end.

Here we go again

Episode 15, “Worth,” saw Dwight in action against two foes. After Negan revealed he was indeed alive after the events of episode 12, “The Key,” he set forth a plan to get the Hilltop back in line. Dwight then got ready to send the plans to Rick and his people, telling them to end the Saviors and end Negan.

But Negan wasn’t the only one Dwight betrayed in this episode. Simon, who believed Negan’s continued assault on Rick and his groups was to the detriment of his own people, gathered like minded individuals and laid out a plan to assume control of the Saviors. But just as he neared the end of the plot, who should appear but Negan. Dwight had tipped him off, and within seconds all of Simon’s supporters were dead and the man himself was captured.

As Negan beat Simon to death under the watchful eyes of the Saviors, Dwight slipped the plans he’d copied out to Gregory, telling him to get them to the Hilltop, betraying Negan again so soon after betraying Simon.

Why betray Simon?

The question lingers over why Dwight would double-cross Simon, when they share at least a few common goals.

But Dwight said Negan would win, meaning perhaps that the supporters he has would never allow a takeover by Simon. Dwight could have also made the decision to betray Simon because Negan’s plan would be easier to foil, given he still sees people as a resource. Simon, by contrast, wants to crush the Hilltop and move on to other groups.

That kind of plan, which we saw in episode 13, “Do Not Send Us Astray,” might be more difficult to keep in check. But Dwight’s decision could also be one last play for trust with Negan, allowing him to stick the knife of betrayal one inch deeper into his exposed back.

It’s a trap

Not that double-crossing either Simon or Negan mattered in the end for Dwight, because now he is revealed as a traitor. Savior Laura, whom Dwight was unable to kill in the half season finale, lived to rat Dwight out, and now God knows what is going to happen to him.

Will anyone, Savior or otherwise, come to Dwight’s rescue? Next week’s trailer implies he’ll be at the final battle, wearing a prisoner’s frock. Will he die by Negan’s hand, as Simon did, or will Daryl exact his revenge, now that Dwight is no longer useful to the group?

Or, will he live? Dwight has earned himself a place in many “The Walking Dead” fans’ hearts, and his storyline could continue for seasons to come. All will be revealed in the epic showdown that is the season 8 finale next Sunday.