Another breakup has cast a shadow on “Bachelor” Nation. The franchise is based on finding love, but the amount of splits versus marriages isn't exactly something to brag about. During the winter Olympics, ABC decided to try out another “Bachelor” spin-off. The “Bachelor Winter Games” ran in conjunction with the NBC coverage of the Olympics. This time, there were people from various shows across the world, not just the ones from the US version of the show. It was an interesting concept, and a few relationships began because of it.

Dean and Lesley

It had been a while since former “Bachelor” contestant Lesley Murphy had been seen on the small screen.

She took time away from reality television to travel and when the “Bachelor Winter Games” opportunity came up, the decision was easy. Murphy wanted to find love and after a few true love stories coming from the franchise, she was willing to give the process another shot. Dean Unglert was also there for the spin-off. He has been highly prized as fans were disappointed he was not given the “Bachelor” spot and Arie was chosen instead.

Apparently, Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy hit it off while filming. They decided to date after the show wrapped, lasting approximately four months. Their relationship was put out in the open earlier this year when they were spotted at an event together. It has been speculated that Unglert and Murphy had split, but events over the weekend seemed to have hinted at that.

While neither Dean nor Lesley have actually confirmed their breakup, their social media posts have definitely been written. It looks like the two weren't on the same page, making things awkward for the couple. There was also a little bit of shade thrown at one another.

Breaking up is hard to do

In the day and age when people feel they owe an explanation to fans for their breakup, both Lesley Murphy and Dean Unglert posted sentiments on Instagram.

While neither blamed the other, it was hinted that Lesley may have been more focused on progressing the relationship while Dean was wanting to have fun. Despite the adoration for him, being a ladies man is something he is pegged as. Settling down may be hard for him. It is being said that Murphy and Unglert ended as friends, and they will remain cordial in the future should they end up in the same place together. “Bachelor” Nation is a group that stays close, so it is likely the two will cross paths again.