The Kardashian/Jenner family is no stranger to the makeup world, and neither is Kim Kardashian's longtime Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic. The pair has been working together for a decade and have just now collaborated officially with KKW Beauty X Mario which launched Thursday, April 5. The duo held a launch party the night before with others in the beauty community. Here are the details about the collaboration and how it finally came to be.

What is the collaboration?

The KKW Beauty X Mario collection includes four items which are a créme lipstick, two glosses, and an eyeshadow palette.

The items can either be bought separately or as a bundle for $85 dollars (with a value price of $101). The bundle, the lipstick, and the glosses have already sold out. The lipstick and glosses come in nude colors, and the eyeshadow palette has ten different colors in it. Also, for all you beauty lovers out there looking for a new trend, this eyeshadow palette is bringing blue eyeshadow back (a little homage to the 80s) which Kim rocks in the promo photos for the launch. If you weren't lucky enough to get the bundle when it first came out, there's a chance to win a signed bundle on the KKW Beauty website (, and the winner will be announced Wednesday, April 11 at 5 PM PST.

The making of the collection

This collection is Kim's first collaboration for KKW Beauty, and she wanted it that way. Kim told Mario that she wanted her first collaboration to be with him which is SO SWEET. Mario told The Los Angeles Times when he was told about the collaboration, he started to find inspiration in "classic Kim and Mario colors".

The collaboration was inspired by both what Kim and Mario liked and what the fans liked to see.

The launch

The KKW Beauty x Mario collaboration launched on April 5, the LA Times report and Kim Kardashian showed some love to fans who bought the collection. Kim live-tweeted the launch to her 59.5 million followers and even retweeted some lucky fans who placed their order.

She shared a lot of blue heart emojis with fans in homage to the bright blue shadow, Libra, in her palette.

The duo also had a launch dinner the night before the official launch. Makeup Youtubers and bloggers attended dinner in preparation for the inevitable success of the collection. Youtubers like Manny Mua and Patrick Starr were in attendance and they have a big impact on the beauty community. Influencers have posted Snapchat stories, Youtube video reviews and more, on the products since they've come out. Kim and Mario themselves have posted a tutorial on Youtube using their products to show fans how to use the collection from the experts themselves.