The 2018 World Cup in Russia is the most anticipated sporting event that happens every quadrennial. The tournament is always accompanied by a theme song. Jason Derulo partnered with Colombian star, Maluma, and unveiled a remake of the song titled "Colors."

The two collaborated for the first time. The video clip is to showcase not just their moves but highlight characteristics of the song. According to Billboard, the song is an upbeat Spanglish version of the Coca-Cola's 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia song.

It is clear that combining both of these superstars the song delivers a massive appeal.

As the above report mentioned, these two entertainers with fans around the globe shine brightly. On the one side, you have Derulo's smooth delivery while Maluma accentuates cool and high-energy raps.

Other insights about the 2018 Russia World Cup Song 'Colors'

Believe or not, Coca-Cola has been the official sponsor of the world cup dating back to 1978. The 2014 World Cup featured a Brazilian anthem called "The World is Ours" in various versions featuring other musical artists.

The catchy song "Colors" comes in two versions. The original version was released on April 11. As stated by Billboard, the three-and-a-half-minute video was recorded in Miami and Haiti. Furthermore, it has a universal theme to it since it shows throughout the clip flags from across the world.

This version features Wyclef Jean strumming the guitar, yet letting Derulo do most of the singing of the lyrics. The hallmarks of the "Colors" song has a message of unity in the lyrics. It says "Ready the people/ A new day has just begun/ And I wear my colors on my back (celebrate, celebrate)/ We're created equal/ One race, and that's human/ Can't wait till they all see, all see that."

The baton gets passed on by Shakira

The Colombian superstar, Shakira, is a renowned reference in the world of music.

She had her own official world cup hit when she joined forces with South African group Freshlyground. They went on to create "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)."

It seems fitting for Shakira to pass the torch especially after appearing a couple of times during the 2010 and 2014 world cups. A new generation of talented singers from Colombian continues to strike the right chords on the world stage.

Last year, another chart-topper song with plenty of rhythm and melody reverberated radio stations. Specifically, the single "Mi Gente," which featured French singer and DJ Willy William.