Best Behavior” is a garage band that is known for their indie-pop blend of Rock & Roll. Founded in 2015, the band recently released a song titled “Things That Happened.” Lead songwriter Alex Gruenburg frequently travels between LA and NYC, and he regards these trips as being inspirational. Known for crafting catchy tunes, Alex is proud of the success that Best Behavior has found with their energetic sound, clever songwriting, and electrifying concerts.

In the spring of 2018, Best Behavior released a song titled “If' Say” which Alex, who is from Brooklyn, is very excited about.

Alex Gruenburg recently granted an exclusive interview where he discussed his band, his song, his hopes for the future, and more.

Bands, sound, and lyrics

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get into music, especially songwriting, and what kinds of things inspire you?

Alex Gruenburg (AG): It's weird because I really didn't even get into music until I was about fifteen. I actually remember looking at an electric guitar and being totally perplexed as to how it worked. I grew up in a very small town, and there wasn't much to do. So, a group of my friends and I decided to start a band. We didn't even have instruments. I think I became the songwriter by default since no one else wanted to sing. That sort of teenage angst still inspires me today.

MM: What are your favorite songs and lyrics so far, and why?

AG: I love the song and lyrics on The Kinks Arthur and or the Decline of the British Empire. It was originally supposed to be a musical type show made for the BBC, but they scrapped it. I would have loved to see it. The Kinks are a huge inspiration for me.

MM: How did you go about forming a band and why did you select the name “Best Behavior”?

AG: I usually just find friends who are players. Even though that can get complicated quickly. Best Behavior used to be my nickname in grade school. It was ironic.

MM: How would you describe your unique sound and how did you build up such a huge fan base?

AG: Right now, we call ourselves garage pop, but tomorrow who knows. I believe an artist should be able to change their sound as they see fit.

I like the term "genre fluid" to describe us. Play good music, and people will find out about you through word of mouth.

Inspiration, Brooklyn, and entertainment goals

MM: How much does Brooklyn inspire you as a whole?

AG: Honestly, it's hard to say now. You know the saying, "It ain't what it used to be" but more often than not the people here are the biggest inspiration to me here in Brooklyn.

MM: What have been some of your most memorable concerts and what can attendees expect from your live show?

AG: Opening for The Darkness was pretty memorable. They're great guys. As for our show, I truly believe that expectations ruin experiences to maybe just come in with an open mind.

MM: What are your biggest goals for your future in musical entertainment, do you have any interesting new shows and/or songs coming up, and what else would you like to mention?

AG: I'd love to collaborate on a song with Kayne West. That would be pretty magical. We have a new single coming out that I think you're going to love. It's more back to our rock & roll roots. I think that as a culture we need to be wary of streaming. In some ways unlimited streaming, i.e., Spotify and Apple Music is a lot like eating at a buffet. You can have anything you want and as much as you'd like. Can you imagine eating at the buffet every day? It would be horrible! Everything would begin to taste bland, and you would lose all appreciation for it. No one says their favorite restaurant is a buffet. They want a particular dish (aka, album) from a particular chef (i.e., artist). I think the more we move towards streaming, the more disenchanted with music we will become. We need to be careful with this.