Capcom shocked the western gaming markets at the beginning of 2018 with the release of “Monster Hunter World." The game was a wild success, shipping over 7.5 million copies by the first week of March. They just pushed out earlier this month a major new update to all of their players as well. Update 2.0 saw the much anticipated new monster be released into the wild -- free for hunters to go after -- named the Deviljho. This new beast is a steep step up in difficulty too compared to some of the other beautifully designed creatures you’ll go after if you decide to set sail for “Monster Hunter’s” new world.

This new dino shouldn’t be the only thing to get you on board, though

With the addition of the Deviljho, the community is even more invigorated to play the game than ever before.

Even people's pets are getting involved.

So if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now is as good a time as any. Even late comers to this party shouldn’t feel left out from the community experience provided by the game. There is no leveling system involved in the game and it is all based on skill.

This skill-based gameplay -- as well as frequent tweaks from Capcom -- mean that this game is here to stay. People have already logged hundreds and hundreds of hours into it so if you’re one of those gamers who is worried about dropping full price cash for a game that is only going to hold your attention for a few hours, no need to worry here.

So, while your friends who already play it might have nicer looking gear than you, as long as you are willing to get good you shouldn’t have to worry about slowing down the team.

Alternately, you could play throughout the entire thing solo and go at your own pace, not to mention the customization options available, and the freedom to play how you choose in “Monster Hunter World." It can’t be stressed enough that you really should give this title a shot if you want something different and challenging that goes beyond other mainstream titles.

This game is young and coming up against some heavy competition

While “Monster Hunter World” released at the end of January it's now half way through April and games like “Far Cry 5” just dropped, so it is reasonable to think that you’re going to have some tough decisions to make when you go to pick up your next favorite game. The case for “Monster Hunter” is that it is a breath of fresh air in the gaming market today.

The gameplay is challenging but fair, and the developers have come out and said that they plan on producing more free content for it to support the longevity of the title. Perhaps my favorite part of all is that there are no micro-transactions in the game. So, while “Far Cry 5” is getting all the attention, it should be noted that there is more out there in case you want to try out a game not normally found in the western market. So, get out there and give it a shot. Also, here are some tips for when you get out there and hunt!