Hawaii Five-O” has clung to its core themes of “ohana,” legacy, and honor throughout Season 8, and all those elements resonate in every scene of the April 27 Episode, 22, “Kopi wale no I ka i'a a 'eu no ka ilo (Though the Fish Is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl).” Even the titles this season are based on wisdom in Hawaiian parables, and the storylines each have reflected larger themes than merely solving a case. Jerry (Jorge Garcia) gets his chance to really work a case beyond computer keyboard and conspiracy theory knowledge.

He goes deep undercover into a psychiatric hospital to solve a resident’s murder, and meanwhile, stalwart and true Sgt.

Duke Lukela (Dennis Chun) is forced to go to extreme measures to save his granddaughter. Both men learn that the two of them together is better than either of them alone, and Lt. Commander McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) sees the mission through to completion, all of them working together as a full “Hawaii Five-O” team.

Deep on the inside

Fans get a sweet treat, early on in this episode, seeing Alex O'Loughlin as McGarrett play off his real-life stepson, Spike, who gets his kite stuck in a tree, rescued by the commander. It's very fitting that the actor’s real family initiates the focus of the episode that echoes the “Hawaii Five-O” family.

When the team can’t get straight answers from the facility where the registered patient of more than eight years dies, Jerry volunteers to go undercover as a medication assistant, Hector Gomez.

It doesn't take long for things to get deadly serious when a patient digs a fork into his own arm and goes right for the jugular with Jerry. Ever the leader, Steve tells Jerry to keep digging for evidence, and employ the “Ortega charm” along with thinking like his boss, and connecting with patients for leads.

Another very redeeming event follows, with Tani (Meaghan Rath) arriving to pick up her brother, Koa (Kunal Sharma) from rehab.

The two were last together when she enforced the gut-wrenching decision to send her brother for help in Episode 14, and they share a very healthy, happy hug in this reunion. He tells her he won't be going home because he has a job at the facility, helping others just like himself.

The entire “Hawaii Five-O” force is in disbelief when word comes that their own Sgt.

Lukela has broken into the police evidence room and assaulted an officer. They immediately know that this is not the character of the man chosen by McGarrett to train Junior (Beulah Koale), who has come through a multitude of times to save lives. They try talking with his wife and daughter but only get stonewalled. Tani traces phone conversations to uncover that his daughter (Shi Ne Nielson) and Duke had definitely been in communication that day. When she is called in again, she confesses that her father is only doing what kidnappers have demanded after taking her daughter, Akela (Cidni Romias). Duke instructed her not to talk to anyone about the situation, but of course, “Hawaii Five-O” isn't going to let their friend face this alone.

Checkmate with a precious bounty

Duke was directed to retrieve a key from the evidence room, one that had been involved in a significant drug deal before one of the ringleaders was arrested. The key opened a locker with a bag holding one million dollars.

Naturally, with so much money at stake, many people are out to take down the man who has the access, and Captain Grover (Chi McBride) and Tani track the money trail through an attorney and beyond. The team goes in as backup for Duke when he delivers the dough to get his granddaughter. When he demands to see her before the exchange, he is shot, and a full-on firefight begins.

Jerry makes friends with the best friend of the resident who was killed when he makes a gift of a chess timer.

The portrayal of Harris by Devin Ratray is another delight of the episode. From the cadence of his speech to cleaning every chess piece before making a move, the actor brings absolute authenticity to his performance, making it a standout. Harris gives details about daily routines he shared with his friend, Ben, and when a friendly co-worker, Mila (Joanna Sotomura) relates that Ben probably had to watch his favorite TV shows in the common area after the television in his room broke, Jerry knows he has a key.

Jerry a.k.a. Hector is warned by another patient not to trigger the anger of Kosaki (Michael Hake), who is undercover himself as a menacing criminal, actually named Dylan Shu. Jerry pushes his luck by changing the channels, and soon feels the full wrath of his subject.

Jerry knows this is the killer, but what comes as a surprise is that another hospital worker is in on the misdeeds. Both men take Jerry at gunpoint, and order him to drive to what they intend to be his “dump site.” Jerry pulls a McGarrett-esque move to perfection, crashing the van into a dumpster, saving himself, and injuring the crooks long enough to be immobile until taken into custody.

Tani finds Akela afraid and rescues her amidst the terrors. They let Duke know his granddaughter is safe and reunited with her mother. “Hawaii Five-O” visits Jerry in the hospital, and he gets another surprise visit from Mila and Harris. Mila has brought homemade chicken salad, and Harris is ready for a chess match against the friend who can now be called his real name.

They all regret that Duke may still face losing his job because of the extremes taken to save a loved one. Another scene shifts to Duke being visited by his daughter and granddaughter. Still, another shows Danny and Steve staining tables at their restaurant.

The final scene depicts Koa with his first group of newcomers to rehab. Tani is there in support, and speaks of how “everyone has someone” who cares that he or she succeeds, and her brother is one of those that is “pretty special.” These two are learning about becoming “ohana.”

With only three episodes to Season 8 remaining, the sentiment is strongly tugging at the heartstrings.