Using a character wearing the now-familiar Guy Fawkes mask, the hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a chilling warning to people across the world, telling them to “prepare” for a looming World War 3 in 2017/2018. The video talks of the U.S. and North Korea, as if in a chess game, moving “strategic pieces into place” ready to start a battle. Anonymous is a worldwide network of hactivists whose mission is to spread information that the government doesn’t want the general public to know.

War is looming on the Korean Peninsula, says Anonymous

The ominous video clip was uploaded on YouTube by Anonymous on May 6, where the hacktivist group warns of how signs are surfacing of a “looming war on the Korean peninsula." The group makes note of the recent military movements around the region and then goes on to allege that Japan and South Korea have made warnings themselves of imminent and expected nuclear attacks from North Korea.

Japan allegedly told their citizens they will only have ten minutes to find somewhere safe when it happens.

Talking as though it is a giant chess game, the robotic voice then said we are watching each country strategically moving their pieces into place. However, the iconic Anonymous announcer then goes on to say that unlike previous world wars, while there will be some ground troops, this war is likely to be brutal, fierce and quick. The six-minute clip then says a Third World War would be devastating worldwide, both on an environmental basis and on global economics.

The Anonymous representative then speaks of President Donald Trump’s Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile test, run just last week.

They also speak of an alleged warning by Japanese officials to that country’s citizens, where they urged people to prepare for a possible nuclear attack. Anonymous says these incidents make it clear a major conflict is on the horizon between the U.S. and North Korea. The video clip also alleges that Chinese officials have urged their citizens in North Korea to return home, while tensions escalate over that country’s nuclear weapons program.

A real war with real global consequences

Using the chess analogy again, the hacktivists then warn that this would be a real war with true global consequences. They state that with three superpowers in the mix, other world nations will be forced to choose sides, asking what do those chess pieces look like at this stage.

As reported by the New York Post, Anonymous is claiming that the U.S. and South Korea have been cooperating in an effort to keep peace on the Korean peninsula, as well as in China and the Philippines, but it seems their pleas are falling “on deaf ears.” The narrator then goes on to say the Trump administration has been working closely with the Australians and that a rotational deployment of around 1,000 U.S. troops is being sent to that country, together with a fleet of military aircraft. According to Anonymous, Australia is what they dub a “strategic location,” located as it is in the Indian Ocean.

The video narrator then goes on in robotic tones to warn that citizens will be the last to know what is happening.

They cite China’s warning to its own people, saying it is vital people understand what is happening in other nations.

As noted by the Independent, Anonymous then goes on to speak of the meeting at the White House between Trump and the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, where they are said to have discussed, among other issues, the North Korean threat. They state this is another sure sign of an impending World War 3. However, they did note that Duterte advised the U.S. to back off from North Korea and that country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

The hacktivists then conclude their warning message to the world by again telling people to prepare for what comes next.