Alexander and Ella Clooney, son and daughter of George and amal clooney, have finally spoken. Amal revealed only recently that the twins have mustered just a couple of words since being born in June 2017. Mama and dada are among the words the children can say, with others assuredly, just around the horizon. The information contained in this article comes, in part, by reports from ABC news.

Mama makes the best impression

According to Vogue, George really wanted to honor Amal by getting the twins to say “mama” first. He succeeded at his goal, and both twins have now been calling to their mother easily for some time now.

They also say “dada.” Amal did not share whether they have mustered up any other words, but with their first birthdays approaching it is just a matter of time before they start talking up a storm.

The importance of family time

With George and Amal both being so busy, it can be difficult to make time for family. They do so, however, by starting out the day with their twins by their side, according to Vogue. Amal has vowed never to take any phone calls or handle business until after 8:00 AM. The early morning hours are devoted to motherhood. Amal never thought that, at her age, she would get married much less welcome a family. She was 35 at the time of their meeting, with him already in his 50s.

Now at 40 years old, and him 56, she finally has everything she’s ever dreamed of, including a beautiful family and fulfilling career.

A home adorned with photos

The Clooneys seem to enjoy photos, showcasing their lives for anyone who enters their home to see. The interviewer, who spoke to Amal, saw dozens of photographs and paintings lining their walls.

Pictures of Amal and George together, their twins, their families, and even meetings with Barack Obama and the Pope, all lined the walls. George’s late dog, a cocker spaniel named Einstein, was also included. Their Sonning-on-Thames home in the UK is just one of several, but it seems to be where the majority of their most private memories are kept.

The L.A. residence is far less extravagant, with time typically spent outside of the home as the pair is busy with events.

A devoted husband

More than getting the twins to say mama first, George seems to be truly devoted to his wife in every way. He tells about Amal’s eloquence and states that he is merely an amateur compared to his talented wife. The pair married after roughly a year together, tying the knot in 2014. They had a fairytale wedding in Venice and have been blissfully happy since.

Followers can read the May 2018 issue of Vogue to see her full story about life with George and her twins.