Alan Bersten of "Dancing With the Stars" just shared with Fans about a surgery he had to have that could have been life-threatening. People revealed all about Alan's tumor he had removed from his neck. It turns out that he was able to have it removed just in time that he won't miss this season of "Dancing With the Stars." If the surgery had been any later, then he would have had to wait or sit out the season.

Details about his tumor

Alan was on the "Dancing With the Stars Live!" tour when he started having huge pains in his stomach. They tested him at Urgent Care and found out that he had a high level of calcium in his blood.

At first, they thought it might just be from a supplement, but it turned out that he had a tumor in his neck that would have to be removed. He started to feel better, but his mom wasn't okay with these answers and wanted him to see the doctor and have more tests ran. He actually had a tumor on one of his parathyroid glands.

It turned out that he had hyperparathyroidism and they would need to remove this tumor. Alan said the scariest part for him was not knowing if he could have cancer. The fear of the unknown is a big deal for people. The surgery wasn't supposed to be until April 11, but his mom talked to doctors about his schedule and they were able to squeeze him in early. Alan said, "That type of surgery usually is very short but they had to make sure that it wasn’t cancerous.

I woke up like 2 hours later like, ‘Where am I?’ I’ve never had anesthesia before.” He admits the doctor teased him about wanting "DWTS" tickets right before he went under.

How is Alan doing now?

Things are looking great for Alan now and he will be on "Dancing With the Stars" this season. The tumor was benign and doctors told him it is very unlikely it will happen again.

After spending about a week at home resting, Alan is back to work once again and is on "DWTS." Doctors actually told him it was a miracle they even found it the way that it happened.

He is back on the show again and preparing with his partner Mirai [Nagasu]. This should be a great season, even though it will only be four weeks.

They are bringing on all athletes and doing a condensed season this time around. He also reminded everyone that they should get their yearly checkups.

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