The expectation grows for the movie that will premiere in December. “Dragon Ball Super: The origin of the Saiyans” will bring us a new animation, a new villain, and, surely, a new saga that will come after the movie. However, fans want to see Goku’s most powerful transformation, ultra instinct.

The appearance of Ultra Instinct

There's not a lot of information about the movie, just like there's not a lot of information about the characters. While we all know Goku and his friends, we're sure they'll give us new information about the characters who will be involved in this story as time goes on.

But, it’s very likely that Ultra Instinct comes back.

The new villain has amazing powers, and in the teaser we can see that he fights against Goku. After this, it is logical to think that, if he’s a villain, he will have powers similar to Goku's, so he could rival Super Saiyan Blue. If he’s a cruel enemy, we believe he could corner Goku by forcing the Saiyan to awaken Ultra Instinct once more.

The key for its comeback

The trigger for Goku to reactivate the Migatte no Gokui is his own limits. As Goku is on the verge of defeat, the latter breaks his barriers, overcoming the limits of his own strength, thus unlocking the form. But, unfortunately for the fans of this transformation, we believe that this won’t be possible.

At the end of episode 131, we watched Vegeta tell Goku to activate Ultra Instinct to fight. After this, Goku tells Vegeta that he can’t do it, and he only managed to use the ultimate fighting style due to being in trouble in the tournament since Jiren seemed to be invincible. This was done because Ultra Instinct is too much and no villain would measure up to Goku, being that in this form, he is equal to -- or more powerful than -- the Gods of Destruction themselves.

Therefore, the villain should be superior to Bills, bringing with him many inconsistencies.

On a personal note, we believe that Goku will never again activate Ultra Instinct since the main villain in the upcoming movie and saga should have relatively normal powers, and not be superior to the strongest creatures in the entire series.

It’s bad news for the fans of Ultra Instinct, but we believe it’s the best thing for the series. When the series comes to its definitive ending, maybe they can leave Goku in this state, giving the character an epic ending.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.