channing tatum and Jenna Dewan broke everyone's hearts when they announced their separation on April 2 after almost nine years of marriage. In the statement that they first released to People, they said that they have "lovingly chosen to separate as a couple" and there are no salacious events that caused them to break up. However, fans were convinced that they had fallen out of love following the "Magic Mike" actor's overwhelming success. Now, after almost a month since announcing their break up, it seems that the 37-year-old actor is still having difficulties without his ex-wife around.

The break-up woes

An unnamed source close to the couple recently spoke with People and said that Channing Tatum is having a hard time adjusting to his life without Jenna Dewan. According to the insider, the break-up has been really hard for him, especially that "he always had Jenna and their family to go home to, so having their separation be ‘official’ now has been a big adjustment for him.”

Channing Tatum had previously admitted to People that he handled his career and family not very well, especially at the height of his success in Hollywood. However, as Jenna Dewan told Health Magazine before, it may not be easy for a couple, but if both want to grow together, it's going to be a "great fit." She also admitted that there were times when they didn't like each other.

They had disagreements just like any other couple.

Jenna Dewan keeps herself busy

While Channing Tatum is not really enjoying the break-up, Jenna Dewan seems to be more settled and less worried after their split. A separate source also told People that nothing really changed in her life as she's been with her girlfriends to spend time with and she's got a lot on her plate going on right now.

The insider went on to claim that "if anything, she’s just busier.”

They fell out of love

Another unidentified insider also told Page Six that both Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan eventually fell out of love. When the actor started getting more projects after his overwhelming success, distance became one of the reasons why their marriage drifted apart.

Whenever they were apart, "deep divisions" troubled them, and the "Supergirl" actress felt like she was the reason why her ex-husband was turning down jobs.

The source also added that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were fighting a lot, not to mention that the former is living at their ranch in Ojai, California while his ex-wife is in Beverly Hills. The 37-year-old actress has now removed her married name from her social media accounts.She posted on Instagram last week and said “Thank you guys for all your love. Love you right back.”

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan share one kid together: Everly, 4.