Swedish DJ, Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, was found dead on April 20 in Muscat, Oman. He died at the young age of 28. As fans mourn his untimely passing, his record company has revealed that Avicii’s final work is “incredible, magical music.” While it is unclear when the music will be released by Geffen Records, executive Neil Jacobson has dubbed the music Avicii’s best work ever. Jacobson also addressed rumors of substance abuse by the young DJ.

Swedish DJ’s final album is ‘incredible’

Before Avicii passed away, he was working on his next album.

Jacobson, who has worked with Avicii since his first hit record “Levels” was released, said he spoke with the Swedish DJ just two days prior to his death.

Best music yet from the Swedish DJ

While being interviewed by Variety, Jacobson said they were working together on the album and that it was the best music Avicii had produced in many years. He said he knows, as he has A&R’d all the Swedish DJs albums. Jacobson went on to say that Avicii was “so inspired” and was psyched about the music. He and Bergling had worked for a month on the album and had to mark end times on the recording sessions, as Avicii was known to work for 16 hours straight.

Jacobson said it was Avicii’s nature to work that hard and that he had to be pulled out of the sessions.

Saying it was a tragedy to lose the young DJ, Jacobson went on to say that Avicii had produced some “incredible, magical music.” According to a report by Billboard, Jacobson has confirmed that there were several features on the new album, but he prefers not to say who they are.

He went on to explain that the DJ had a list of several people he was hoping to reach out to for the final album. Jacobson said that was the last communication he received from Avicii two days prior to his death, which he said was “haunting.”

Unclear what will happen with the final recordings

It is unclear what will happen to the recordings and whether there will be a posthumous Avicii album released.

Jacobson said he had no idea about a potential release. However, he did say he will be sitting down to talk to Neil’s family and that they will all put their heads together to work out what the Swedish DJ would want them to do.

The cause of Tim Bergling’s death has yet to be made public, but he is known to have been suffering from several health issues, one of which was acute pancreatitis. Police have, however, ruled out any criminal suspicion in the Swedish DJ's death.

Avicii had made the announcement in 2016 that he would stop touring. Variety did ask Jacobson about possible “substance abuse” issues.

However, Jacobson said he doesn’t know but believes if the rumors were true, he would have spotted the problem. He went on to say that Avicii wasn’t known to party, but would visit clubs to listen to the DJ.