Ever since "Alaskan Bush People" started, the Brown family faced various issues. This includes the allegations about their reality TV show being fake to other matters involving the family members.

Ami's health condition is also of utmost concern to the fans. She recently visited her dentist amidst concerns that her lung cancer has returned. Aside from that, one of the stories that recently emerged online is the feud between Noah and his family.

Although this was not proven true, fans are wondering if Noah's beef with his family is already over since he allegedly underwent a Medical Emergency.

Like other families, it is possible that the Browns were there for Noah when he got his gallbladder removed.

Noah's surgery

Pop Culture Reality TV reports that Noah was in the parking lot at Beyers Market in Tonasket, Washington. It is said that he was showing off his scar from the operation. When a fan approached him for a handshake, Noah apologized for his weak grip because of the surgery he just had.

The report also reveals that it was a medical emergency and that he needed to have his gallbladder removed at once. He was brought to a hospital in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on Tuesday this week. However, Noah did not comment on this report yet. Although it is possible that his surgery is true, fans should take this with a grain of salt until Noah confirms his gallbladder operation.

Ami visits the dentist

But it is not only Noah who needed medical help. His mother Ami, who was diagnosed with cancer, recently visited her dentist because of her rotting teeth. Radar Online reports that a dentist from Spokane, Washington revealed that Ami has been living with this dental issue for years.

Ami's dental visit comes amid concerns that her cancer has returned.

But it is not just her cancer diagnosis that brings pain to Ami. The dentist revealed on her blog that the Brown matriarch's lifestyle in the bush had ruined her teeth. It also caused painful oral problems which she wants to be cured.

Due to her missing teeth, Ami always hides her smile and is having difficulty talking in front of the camera just to hide her teeth.

However, she can now flash a beautiful smile after the dentist restored her teeth and eliminated her pain.

Although her dental problems were already solved, fans are concerned that her cancer returned after she was seen in a wheelchair in a Los Angeles hospital. For now, there are no official reports from the family yet about Ami's present condition.