"Black Panther" began breaking records even before it was released in theaters in the United States on February 16, 2018. The 134-minute superhero Movie directed by Ryan Coogler, produced by Kevin Feige and written by Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole is still breaking records and making history.

Before movie was released

"Black Panther" broke the record for having more ticket presales a full month before the movie was released. It went on to break the record for all first quarter ticket presales. Its record-breaking IMAX ticket presales were also a very good indication of what to expect for the long-awaited Superhero Film.

Movie's preview record

On February 15, Coogler's movie became the second highest-grossing previews for a superhero film. The preview record was high because Marvel fans just couldn't wait for opening day. However, many of them went on preview night and several more times since the movie was released.

First-weekend record

Most people have heard by now that "Black Panther" had the biggest opening weekend ever.

It now holds the record for being at the top of all superhero films on opening day.

The opening weekend was the biggest for a film by an African-American director. F. Gary Gray held the previous record for "The Fate of the Furious" that opened in April 2017. It is an honor for both men. Coogler is still grinning from ear to ear because he had dual roles in the success of his film.

He was both the director and one of the writers.

Other records broken so far

As of today, the film has grossed a global total of $1.301 billion. It reached the $1 billion mark in its fourth weekend. That's because people were buying out entire theaters. Churches, community organizations, and families went together to enjoy the movie as a group.

The latest record for "Black Panther" was broken when it passed "Titantic." Coogler's movie dethroned James Cameron's 1997 film at the box office even though it was by a small amount. "Titantic" grossed $659 million at the box office compared to $667 million collected by "Black Panther." This resulted in the superhero movie taking the third place position behind "Avatar" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

After only a few weekends in theaters, the superhero film is in the top three of all domestic films. So far, it's the biggest superhero movie in box office history. What has helped "Black Panther" break so many impressive records is that many fans have gone to see the movie multiple times.