It seems like someone is always pregnant in the MTV universe. Recently, another "16 & Pregnant" star revealed that she is expecting baby number three and fans couldn't be happier for the reality TV couple.

Kayla Jordan announced her third pregnancy on Instagram. She posted a photo of her sonogram photo, captioning the surprise picture, "Sweet little Odin Lute Jones! Come on July." Kayla followed that up with a blue heart, indicating that she's expecting a baby boy.

Just like Cardi B, Kayla Jordan is due in July and waited all the way until April to confirm that she is pregnant.

Despite the super late announcement, it looks fans are really excited for her. As soon as Kayla posted the picture of her unborn baby boy, the comments section started filling up with Instagram users' congratulations and well wishes. After looking over her Instagram photos, it's clear that she has been hiding that baby bump in her rare posts. All recent pictures of herself are from the neck up, avoiding any giveaway pregnancy signs.

Kayla on MTV

Kayla made waves during her days on the MTV reality show when she refused to move in with J.R. and raise their baby together. Instead, she opted to continue living at home with promises that eventually she would move in with her baby daddy and get married.

That never happened. Instead, she ended up splitting with her first baby daddy and eventually moving on to another fiance, whom she had a child with before breaking up.

This will be Kayla's third son. During her filming of "16 & Pregnant," Kayla gave birth to her oldest son Rylan in 2010. He is fathered by her ex-fiance J.R.

David. She also has a two and a half-year-old son named Bryce, fathered by another ex-fiance, Zach Bedwell.

Kayla is now engaged to her soon-to-be third baby daddy, Dakota Jones. It looks like she might even get all the way to the alter this time. Kayla posted near the end of March about her wedding day being just one month away.

She's getting married on April 28!

The horse-loving Alabama girl looks pretty happy on social media, though she doesn't post often.

'16 & Pregnant' baby count

There are a lot of kids between all of MTV's "16 & Pregnant" stars. In Touch pointed out that out of the 59 women who starred on the show over the years, nearly one-third of them either have at least three children now or are pregnant with their third. With this announcement, Kayla Jordan is joining the ranks of reality stars with big families. Will this recent pregnancy announcement mean she's coming back to TV? So far, there has been no indication that she even has any desire to join one of the newer "Teen Mom" shows.