"The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" is opening in theatres around the country this weekend and horror fans are excited to see this new movie in hopes that it will measure up to the original thrills in "The Strangers." In the original movie, a couple is at home when three strangers knock at the door. The movie is about these strangers getting inside of their home with one goal in mind: to kill everyone inside for the sake of killing. When the movie first opened, fans loved it because it really gave a sense of the unknown. It was truly strangers hunting down innocent people for a thrill kill.

There wasn't a twist at the end where the people knew the killers or learned some secret about their motives. It was cold, calculating and horrific. There was nothing they could do to survive.

Many horror fans are wondering how a group of writers can replicate such a successful film, given the unique characters and storylines of the original. Some movie reviews have revealed that it isn't possible and have already given "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" bad reviews. But some people just want a good night at the movies. According to Twitter, it sounds like fans are loving "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night." By simply searching for the title of the movie on Twitter, you will learn that people who have already watched the movie are loving the scares, the story and this new installment of the franchise.

Initially bad reviews

Some of the bad reviews are due to the fact that the sequel removes the comforts of the original. In the first movie, the targeted couple is a home. It's a place where they feel comfortable, a safe place for many, and it's a place wher they should be able to protect themselves. They are inside and the threat is outside.

However, that isn't the case in the sequel. Instead, the main characters end up in a trailer park where they are all alone. While this isn't as relatable for viewers, it does add a new setting to the franchise.

Fear of the unknown

But one of the main elements of the first movie is the idea of the unknown. The killers are still strangers.

This is the whole concept of the movie. The main characters have no idea who the killers are, which is why the flick is so popular. This element has been carried through to the sequel. It also appears that there are three killers in the sequel.

Are you going to see "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" this weekend? What did you think of the movie if you have already seen it in theatres?