This week on the two-night finale event of "The Bachelor," which lasted a whopping five hours total, America was shocked when Arie Luyendyk proposed to one finalist and then quickly changed his mind about the decision. Within no time, Arie became the most hated man in "The Bachelor" history, and fans who are part of the #BachelorNation did not hesitate to call him out on social media.

When Arie just wouldn't leave

It seemed as though Arie just couldn't take a hint when he lingered awkwardly after telling Becca he wanted to call off their engagement.

When they made fun of Arie's signature catchphrase

If there's one thing people noticed, it's that Arie "loves" everything.

When the breakup was so long, people's minds started to wander

The camerawork around that house made viewers feel like they were going through a maze.

When the three-hour episode was accurately summed up in one picture

You know the show is drawn out when three hours of footage can be accurately summed up by one well-crafted meme.

When Becca finally weighed in

Becca's lighthearted tweet broke some of the tension that everyone had been feeling.

When Arie was compared to another serial proposer

The character Ross Geller from "Friends" is infamous for getting married and divorced three times on the sitcom.

When Arie was compared to a sewer rat, and the likeness was scary

Although Arie may not be a rodent in real life, he shares a lot of physical characteristics with Sid from "Flushed Away."

When 'After the Final Rose' got intense

Viewers were going wild throughout the episode. It's a wonder how the studio audience members were able to keep their cool the whole time.

When Arie got down on one knee...AGAIN

It's been confirmed that Arie didn't recycle the ring he gave to Becca, but that led viewers to wonder exactly how he keeps getting all these rings.

When they compared what Becca and Lauren got out of the show

Everyone agrees that Becca got the real prize here.

And when Chris Harrison finally announced the 'Bachelorette'--and immediately started the season

Becca got the chance to meet four of the lucky contestants who will be vying for her heart this upcoming season, and the audience already began falling in love with them.

This season of "The Bachelor" was truly a rollercoaster of emotions; there were ups, downs, sharp turns, and complete loops. Now that it's all over, fans are looking forward to Becca's season of "The Bachelorette," which premieres May 28 on ABC.