NBC's "The Good Place" charmed audiences with its quirky plot about a woman that finds herself in a Good Place... by mistake. The comedy featured a unique on-going story structure, as well as bizarre hijacks that included a giant sinkhole and trash falling from the sky. Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) wakes up in the afterlife where architect Michael (Ted Danson) tells her that she's in paradise.

Knowing that she doesn't really belong here, she convinces her 'soulmate' Chidi (William Jackson Harper) to aid in keeping her secret, and teach her how to be ethical enough to truly belong there.

This proves difficult as her quaint home is next to door the beautiful estate of egotistic do-gooder Tahanai (Jameela Jamil), and her soulmate Jianyu (Manny Jacinto), a silent monk that turns out to actually be Jason, a small-time drug dealer and DJ that suffocated in a safe in his failed attempt to rob a bank.

Ted Danson teases what his character is up to

Fans were left reeling after the Season 1 finale when it was revealed that the four residents were in fact in the Bad Place, in a neighborhood that Michael designed in order for them to torture each other. After the four discovered the truth, he rebooted his plans to start again, leaving Eleanor and her friends with no memory of what happened before, or of each other.

Ted Danson teases that Michael will be seen working with his Bad Place bosses, as well as tricking the four residents. He went on to say that Season 2 will have twists and turns, calling it a lot of fun. He enjoyed playing a character that he describes as a little naughty.

"The Good Place" will return with the audience in the know and the characters in the dark.

Where Michael didn't have any private moments last season, it's a safe assumption he'll have some this year. Danson was pleased that he made it so long actually fooling people and not spilling the twist because he and Kristen Bell knew when they signed on with the NBC comedy about the Bad Place twist.

Michael's current plan is to keep the four apart as long as possible, but the note Eleanor left for herself at the very end of "The Good Place" finale that read "find Chidi" will play a huge part.

Sneak peek photos released by NBC have shown Eleanor and Chidi (William Jackson Harper) at a clam chowder fountain. That's right, a fountain filled with clam chowder instead of water. Michael Schur shares that people can take a bowl and eat right from the fountain, which sounds disgusting.

Ted Danson is an Emmy contender for his role on "The Good Place," in the category of Best Comedy Actor. He's currently tied him with actors Kelsey Grammer and Alan Alda for most nominations of eleven, so with this nomination, he could win out as having the most nominations.

Chidi and Eleanor will reunite sooner than expected

Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is sporting a less basic style than she had in Season 1, which serves as a clue to the reboot of the series.

Janet is also sporting a new style of clothing, another sign of the reboot, though Michael Schur shares that this won't be the only reboot for Janet (D'Arcy Carden) this time around. As fans know, Janet is a celestial, programmed guide that gives information upon request, can't lie, and was stolen from The Good Place in order for the four to believe the lie. In addition to the new style, expect to see more clowns. Schur teases, from Michael's perspective, the clowns worked because everybody hated them. So, he's going to up the clown usage.

The season will start with Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani (Jameela Jamil), and Jason (or is back to being Jianyu?) separated, with different soulmates, but fans shouldn't worry about them being apart for too long.

Michael will torture them individually before slowly bringing them back together in order for them to torture each other. Schur says that Michael's mistake in Season 1 came from bringing them together too soon. There's currently no word on if the surprising relationship between Jason (Manny Jacinto) and Janet (D'Arcy Carden) will be seen again. The biggest shocker was when Janet and Jason actually got married last season.

The second season of "The Good Place" is set to premiere September 28 on NBC.